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Two Ways to Enhance Your Sugar Instance

by Roxana Rangu on May 7, 2019

3 minute read

Does this sound like you? You spend a lot of time in Sugar. So much so that you know exactly what you want to see when you log in. So much so that you could get to that information with your eyes blindfolded. 

If you’re thinking: “Yes. Totally me.”, then there are a few ways you can get to that information faster. Keep reading to learn about two customizations we’ve implemented for all-star Sugar users who want to complete tasks with more efficiency and fewer mouse clicks.

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Customization #1: Default Login Page

For most Sugar users, the reality is this: when you log into Sugar, most often you want to find your clients (Contacts) or leads. Which is precisely why we have customized Sugar to have a default login page. 

When you log in, instead of having Sugar load your dashboards (which require data from multiple access points), you can now be redirected to your most visited module’s list view.

Since you’re just redirected to a module, your Sugar instance loading time should be just a few seconds. Not only are you going straight to the module of your choice, which gets you where you want to go faster, but you also are loading a part of Sugar that generally takes less time to load. 

Can we improve this even further? We can—and we did using our remove unfiltered list views customization.

Customization #2: Remove Unfiltered List Views

Each time we’re switching workspaces from Accounts and then back to Contacts, we’re sending large queries to the server throughout the day, and this results in your Sugar instance taking more time to access.

Based on how many records you have in Sugar, your list view can take quite a long time to load. On top of that,  your team is most likely already using filters to access the data they need.

By removing unfiltered list views for Sugar, your modules’ list views won’t display any records if you are not using filters, or not directly searching for them, which means Sugar won't waste any time loading records you don't want to see. Instead, you'll see an empty list view until you add a filter.

So how do these two add-ons work together? We experienced loading times as short as four seconds when logging in and being redirected to either one of our most visited module’s list view -  Contacts or Accounts - which contain thousands of records.

Concluding Thoughts

These two things should exist on any instance, as they greatly improve the speed of loading when logging in, saving you valuable time and enhancing your productivity. Want to see them in action? Reach out to us, we are always happy to schedule a call with you and help you make a decision! 

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