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Tutorial: Document Merging in wMobile Desktop

by Lynn Catterson on December 22, 2014

5 minute read

In wMobile Desktop it is possible to merge a document for single and multiple recipients, as well as upload a new linked document. Follow the tutorial below to learn how to execute each of these items.

Merge Document for a Single Recipient

Select your contact and use the Merge button.

Select the template from the list. Give the document a descriptive name. If the user needs to edit the document, select Docx as the Output format and select the option to Check as Linked Document. There’s an optional button to Preview the linked doc. Click OK.

The user will be prompted to Open or Save the document.

1) If the user selects Save, the document will be saved on the server, based on the setting in the Manager Console System Settings.

The saved document will be listed under the Linked Documents tab. The file path uses an algorithm to ensure a unique folder name as shown below.

The user can open it from the Linked Docs tab. He can either click Edit or double-click to open the file.

2) If the user selects Open at the prompt, it will be opened in Word.

The user would then need to save the document somewhere he has access on his computer or the server.

wMobile will NOT automatically save the edited copy. The updated document would need to be uploaded as any other new document.


Merge Document for Multiple Recipients

To merge a letter for multiple recipients, a user can select a filter or group from the side bar.

Alternatively, a user can enter search criteria.

The user can checkmark specific accounts as shown above or use the checkmark in the top left to select all.

Once the selection is made, select Merge Documents from the toolbar.

Select a template from the list. The user should give a descriptive name for the Output Document Title. The user can select to create the doc as DocX or Pdf for the Output Format. If desired, checkmark the Check as Linked Document option so that a copy will be stored under the Linked Documents tab of each selected account.

The user will be prompted to Open or Save. In either case, a copy will be saved under the Linked Documents tab, if this option was checked.


Upload a New Linked Document

To Upload a new linked document, navigate to the Linked Documents tab of the appropriate GoldMine record. Select the New button on the toolbar.

The user will enter the document name, add any notes, and browse to the location where he saved the edited file.

The uploaded document will be accessible to others in wMobile Desktop. As noted previously, the file path uses an algorithm to ensure a unique folder name.