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Troubleshooting wMobile with wDiagnostic

by Lynn Catterson on February 18, 2015

7 minute read

We certainly hope you don’t have problems with wMobile often, but when you do we have some effective tools for getting to the root of the problem! In this article, we’ll discuss the wDiagnostic tool, and in the next we’ll get to the tools in the wMobile Manager Console.


Our first stop is always the wDiagnostic tool. Issues detected by the diagnostic can lead us to the cause of the wMobile problem and sometimes can be resolved right from the Diagnostic interface.

Note: If you have the Remote GoldMine Service installed on your GoldMine server, separate from the other wMobile components, we recommend installing the diagnostic component on both the GoldMine and Web component servers.

To access the wDiagnostic tool, select Start | All Programs and navigate to the W-Systems | wMobile Diagnostics folder as shown below. Click on wMobile Diagnostics as highlighted below in yellow.

The diagnostic will begin to run when selected. When the report is completed, items that are checked successfully will have a green checkmark. If a log file is marked with a yellow triangle symbol with an exclamation point in it, this means that the log contains the word “error” in it somewhere. It does not necessarily indicate a problem, but should be reviewed. Any item in red is detected as a problem. In the example below, the Remote GoldMine Service is not running.

Sometimes these issues can be repaired right from the diagnostic tool, such as restarting the service or installing a missing IIS component. Select Repair from the menu as highlighted in yellow to see if the detected issue can be fixed. If it’s listed and checked, click the Repair button at the bottom of the window as highlighted in green.

When done, the Repair button will be grayed out and the Ready status will appear in the bottom right. The reported item also shows the status “Fixed.”

Logs can be reviewed, right from the Diagnostic tool from the View menu.

The log will open in the server’s default browser.

The most recent logs are often at the bottom (although we plan to have the most recent items at the top soon, to minimize the need for scrolling).

When an issue is reported by a customer or reseller, we frequently request the wDiagnostic. We prefer if you use the Send option, because that comes through to us not only with the report, but also with the logs, which are often more important than the report itself. To submit the diagnostic click Send on the menu as highlighted below. Enter your email address where we can contact you and put in a description of the problem you’re having. It’s helpful to note which component (Phone, Desktop, Manager Console) where you’re having the problem.

In order to use the Send option, port 25 must be open.  If you get an error like the one below, then you can submit the report and logs manually.

Use the Copy option on the menu to copy the report to the desktop.

You’ll see an on-screen confirmation.

Email that file, along with the logs to support@w-systems.com. In a default install, the logs would be in the locations below.

C:\Program Files\W-Systems\Remote GoldMine Service\log\
(Or C:\program files (x86)\W-Systems\Remote GoldMine Service\log\ on a 64-bit OS)
C:\Program Files\W-Systems\wEmailFetcher\log\
C:\Program Files\W-Systems\wMobilePhone\log\
C:\Program Files\W-Systems\wMobileDesktop\log\

You can always email support@w-systems.com if you have questions or problems. This email is sent to our internal distribution list, so it’s always monitored during business hours.