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Transparency Has a New Name: Sugar System Audit Module

by Roxana Dicu on November 14, 2019

4 minute read

Have you wanted more transparency into all the updates that take place within your Sugar instance, and who makes them?? Now you can with our Sugar System Audit Module.

What we wanted to do was to create a system that would log all the administrative changes in Sugar. So when someone adds a field, installs or removes a module, changes a label, creates a user, etc., you now have a place where we can easily track everything.

I know everything gif

This will help your Sugar admins easily track and troubleshoot any potential issues within your Sugar instance.

How to Use the Sugar System Audit Module

Once installed, Sugar administrators can access the System Audit Module from Admin → View Audit Log. Clicking it will enable you to access the new audit module.

Each record represents an update made in your CRM system, and they include the following information:

  • Action Type: what administrative action was performed within Sugar, such as field updates, packages that have been installed, disabled or removed, changes to module view layouts, and much more.
  • User: shows which user performed the action in your CRM system.
  • Module: the Sugar module affected by the change.
  • Additional Info: displays more in-depth information about the updated items.

Sugar admins are also able to see more information into the changelog. by previewing records from the List View.

Audit record view

You can also use filters to narrow down potential causes for issues in your system. For instance, if your Sugar users reported errors on a certain day, you can filter the System Audit records by Date Created.

Here are a few examples of how the Sugar System Audit Module logs changes in Sugar:

  • Repair and Rebuild
Repair and Rebuild
  • Uploaded Packages in the Module Loader
Uploaded Packages in the Module Loader
  • Dropdown Updates

Concluding Thoughts:

Want to see exactly who did what inside Sugar? Now you have all the transparency you need with the Sugar System Audit Module. If you want to hear more about it don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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