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Top Five Things to Check Your CRM for in The New Year

by Amanda Anderson on January 5, 2012

3 minute read

It's finally 2012 and most companies are finalizing plans for the rest of the year. Before the new year gets too far ahead of you, take a second to do a CRM check-up. Below are the TOP FIVE things to ask yourself now, so that you can focus on your business the rest of the year.

Top Five Things to Check Your CRM for in The New Year


  1. Has Your CRM System’s Storage Space Reached its Limit? 
    This can cause your CRM system to run slow. Your system may also be on too small of a server for the number of active users you have.

  2. Is Your CRM System Being Backed Up Daily?
    Off-site backup is highly recommended to prevent loss of data. W-Systems includes an off-site backup in all of our hosting packages. However, we do stress the importance of hosting to our customers and do everything we can to provide a safe environment for their data and Sugar instance. Therefore, if clients choose to host their own SugarCRM instance in-house, or with another provider, W-Systems will still provide off-site backup for only $100 per month.

  3. Do You Have a Support Package in Place?
    This gives you priority response time from engineers regarding system issues or general support questions.

  4. Are You Going to Need a License Renewal this Year?
    Find out how to get discounts on multi-year agreements. Contact your W-Systems account representative to find out when your SugarCRM license expires and to lock-in our multi-year discounted rate.

  5. Have All of Your Users Been Trained on Using the CRM System?
    We have free training videos online and offer training classes from beginner to advanced.

  If you have any questions about the status or health of your CRM system contact us today. Best of luck in the new year!!