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Top 5 Tips to Amaze Your Audience Through Marketing Content

by Paul Scondac on October 10, 2019

5 minute read

This year, I got to do two things I never did before: I visited Cleveland - the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is a must-visit - and I attended Content Marketing World, one of the largest marketing-focused events in the world, with over 120 sessions and workshops presented by leading brand marketers and experts. Bottom line is, if you’re a marketer, there’s definitely something for you to learn at Content Marketing World.

Content Marketing World 2019 logo

With that in mind, I’d like to share what I learned from CMW 2019 in the form of five tips to amaze your audience. Let’s begin!\

1. Less Distractions = More Conversions

Some time ago, this used to be the standard layout for most websites - I’m old enough to remember it!

bad website design too many ctas

So, why did this “beauty” go away? Because business owners don’t ask their kids or grandkids who took an HTML class to design their websites anymore (well, not as often), and more importantly, because less is more.

Most bounces happen in the first 2-3 seconds of someone visiting your website. So, if your homepage is plastered with images and CTAs, it’s highly likely people are losing interest, and you’re losing conversions and business. You need to make sure that the people who are ready to convert when they visit your site can convert as soon as possible, and, if they don’t, try to find out what’s distracting or preventing them from doing so.

2. No New Content? No Problem.

Churning out new content all the time is by no means a must to drive more traffic and conversions. Why not look at your current and past posts? With a bit of gussying up, your older content can be just as efficient!

fancy stormtrooper suit up

If you don’t know what to publish, just look at older content, but evergreen content and bring it up-to-date through:

  • Link Building - Tools like SEMrush, Mozbar, and even Google’s “site:” search option can help you identify your high authority content. Find a way to insert links to them in your lower authority content and drive more traffic.
  • Optimization - Setting up redirects to more visited pages or using tools like to identify missing keywords can do wonders for your existing content.
  • Recycling - Find out which content used to be a great traffic driver in the past. Updating and republishing it is a great way to make something old new again.

3. Enable Your Sales Team

Whether they like it or not, sales needs marketing, and vice-versa. Even though it may feel like sales doesn’t pay attention to what marketing does, what they don’t realize is almost 40% of deal-closing content (blog posts, demos, webinars, ebooks and white papers, etc.) comes from marketing. So, how do you put the content they need, but don’t necessarily want, at the forefront. Through sales enablement, of course!

spongbob squarepants patrick

While it doesn’t have to be a full-time position, assigning someone from your marketing team to work closely with sales is becoming more commonplace. A few ways to start enabling your sales department include:

  • Regular meetings to understand what they need from marketing
  • Keeping them updated on the latest content updates and releases
  • Easy ways to access your most popular content and documentation, such as knowledge base, an intranet, or even a regularly updated document
  • Product training through meetings or short videos
  • Repeat the same information over and over again. Sales isn’t particularly interested in what we do, so don’t be surprised if they forget what you said in one of your meetings or group chats.

4. Tell a Story

In an oversaturated market, simply describing your product and its features is most likely not going to bring you any business anymore. Instead, appeal to the human side of your customers or prospects (yes, they’re not just walking wallets).

wallace and gromit

How did your product come to exist, who or what was the idea behind it? What needs or problems does it solve? Finding the answers to similar questions and weaving them into a story will make your content stand out and separate itself from your competitors.

5. Go Mobile

Let’s face it, everyone uses a smartphone now. What you may not know is, with the right experience, conversions can come from mobile too. In fact, a customized mobile experience can perform up to 4x better in terms in terms of traffic and retention.

dark knight rises bane time to go mobile

What does a custom mobile experience mean? It means that, instead of having a 1:1 clone of your website and content with mobile accessibility options, you should look into what your mobile visitors are looking at, and put that content at the forefront for them. Use variations of your copy, graphics, and menu to make a truly custom mobile experience.

Closing Thoughts

I hope my experience at Content Marketing World 2019 was as useful for you as it was for me. We’re definitely excited to put the ideas we got from it to our own marketing strategy. If you need help defining or optimizing your own marketing content plan, feel free to contact us.

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