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Top 5 Technical Sessions at SugarCon 2018

by Roxana Rangu on October 3, 2018

3 minute read

SugarCon is an annual event for SugarCRM customers, partners, and anyone who uses Sugar, is considering using Sugar, or is in the CRM business. Simply put, it’s the showcase event of the year for everything Sugar! 

SugarCon Atendees

"I love attending SugarCon, because I get to network with other Sugar Users, meet SugarCRM partners, and see how extensive the sugar ecosystem really is!."  

Katie Liesmann - Marketing Manager, W-Systems

SugarCon 2018 will showcase thoughtful keynotes and break out sessions on technical topics, Including:

1. Deep Dive into Data Privacy Architecture

2018 is the year of GDPR and data privacy. The privacy laws are complicated and can leave you wondering how to implement them in a practical way. 

In this session, you’ll learn about some of the new platform features added in Sugar 8.0 and how you can leverage these to confidently architect Sugar to comply with the various data privacy laws.

2. Performance is a Feature

To get the best performance out of your Sugar implementation, you must treat performance as a feature that governs the overall solution design. 

This session will discuss common performance pitfalls, testing strategies to ensure your solution will meet your performance goals, and troubleshooting techniques you can use when trying to address performance issues.

3. Best Practices for Sugar Customizations

Come look for best practices related to developing upgrade-safe customizations and learn the “why” behind the “what” when you’re developing your next customization.

4. Integration Best Practices

When integrating with Sugar, you have a lot to consider: what your integration will do, what your integration will look like, how you will synchronize or access data, how you will handle security, and more. Come learn integration best practices from SugarCRM Distinguished Engineer Jelle Vink. And while you’re at it, check out some of W-Systems’s best integrations including wDrive , which lets you integrate your DropBox, Google Drive, or OneDrive accounts with Sugar.

5. Preparing for Sugar Upgrades

Does the idea of upgrading to the latest version of Sugar keep you awake at night? It doesn’t have to!
In this session, discover the tools and resources you need to make your next upgrade smooth.

Whether you’re running on Sugar Cloud or On-Premise, this session will give you the confidence you need to always be ready to upgrade to the latest and greatest release.

Have you registered for SugarCon 2018? We’d love for you to come by our booth and meet our experts that are looking forward to answering all your questions on anything Sugar. 

See you there!