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Top 5 Sugar Enhancements from W-Systems

by Roxana Rangu on July 30, 2020

3 minute read

In this webinar, we showcased our favorite enhancements to help you work faster and smarter in Sugar.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this meeting! Below is the video recording of the meeting, general notes as well as the questions & answers.

If you have questions about Sugar, please feel free to contact us.

Top 5 Sugar Enhancements from W-Systems

  • Color Status Field
  • Save and View a Record
  • Enhanced Report Schedules
  • Cluster Bar Charts
  • Attachments Field

Top 5 Sugar Enhancements from W-Systems Q&A

Can I use the colored status field with a Sugar Workflow?

Absolutely. You can set up a workflow by specifying what the criteria would be per each status that you want to use. If a record falls within those parameters, the indicator would switch automatically. If you have a specific use case in mind, we can work with you on building out that workflow.

How do I get these enhancements in my instance?

You can reach out to your sales rep or contact us, and we’ll be happy to go over the specifics of which enhancements you want, what the cost would be and how you’d like to proceed.

How is the Cluster Bar Chart configured?

The Cluster Bar Chart is very easy to configure. After picking the module you want to work with, you can add up to five series fields in the chart. This can be pulling information from fields under the Sugar record, or from a related module, in which case you would use your filters. Then you can relate it to the current record, pick your chart type, or sort order.

W-Systems Cluster Bar Chart for SugarCRM configuration

Are there version limitations for the enhancements? We're running 8.2

Our enhancements work with all supported versions of Sugar.

Can you CC multiple emails to the Enhanced Reporting Schedules emails?

Yes, you can.

Can you add BCCs to the Enhanced Reporting Schedules emails?

At the moment, we only support CC fields. If this is something that you are interested in having, reach out to us and we can work out a way to make that accommodation.

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