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Top 5 Exciting Developer Features from Sugar Summer ‘19

by Vanlexus Franks on July 15, 2019

4 minute read

It's finally here, time for the Summer '19 Sugar Update, and we here at W-Systems can't wait to tell you all about it. This post will recap what we found to be the top five most exciting developer features coming this July. 

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1. SugarIdentity Launch 

SugarIdentity is a cloud-based identity management service intending to provide a central area to manage user identity areas across all Sugar applications. This is huge! Not only will SugarIdentity introduce new UI components (like a cloud settings console and login services), but it will address some of the limitations of the current authentication model. Another advantage is that it allows for continuous new enhancements without a new Sugar release. 

SugarIdentity is now available to all new customers in North America and existing customers will begin migrating in early July. In the future, all Sugar Cloud users will switch to SugarIdentity. If you're looking for a more in-depth look into SugarIdentity, check out this blog post.

 This is a high-level architecture diagram of Sugar Identity in relation to all Sugar Applications. The diagram emphasizes Sugar Identity's use as a centralized zone for information.

2. User License Types 

A new required license_type field has been added to the user's module. Sugar is planning to launch new products, so in preparation, they have created a way for admins to manage licenses of multiple products. This will allow users to more easily and simply control access to those products. The values that appear in this dropdown will reflect purchased products associated with the subscription key. For existing customers, this value will default to Sugar Professional, Sugar Enterprise, or Sugar Ultimate.


3. New Sugar Service Product

Sugar has developed a new product for customer service agents that will include most features in Sugar Enterprise, but not all (for example, Opportunities is excluded). Additionally, this product will incorporate new features such as Business Centers, Business Hours, Service Console, and new service-oriented out-of-the-box reports and SugarBPM processes.

user profile

Business Centers

4. Shareable Dashboards + Filters = Win!

User-created or custom filters are now included in shared dashboards. In the past, when you shared your dashlets custom filters would not be shared with the dashboard, requiring the user to manually re-work those filters. With this revision, shareable dashboards are more useful, as receivers will receive the dashboard exactly as it was originally created. 


5. Sugar Release Preview Program 

Prior to each release Sugar is now going to offer preview builds, usually two different drops per build. This feature is great for testing how your customizations will work with the upgrade. If you are a Sugar developer and you're interested in participating in the program reach out to Michael Shaheen or Matt Marum for more information.

Concluding Thoughts

These are just a snapshot of all the amazing new Sugar features and updates developers have to look forward to for Summer '19. We here at W-Systems value staying up to date on all things Sugar, so look out for future developer updates. To read our Spring '19 Sugar update check out our previous post, Sugar Spring ‘19 (9.0) is Now Live.

 This was written by Vanlexus Franks, a marketing intern at W-Systems in Austin, Texas. She is currently a Junior at the University of Texas, Dallas pursuing a B.S in Marketing with a concentration in Professional Sales.

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