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Top 4 Business Intelligence Add-Ons for Sugar

by Mihaela Bulacu on January 28, 2020

6 minute read

Every CRM tool and system comes equipped with business intelligence capabilities - usually in the form of reports and charts. However, many companies want to improve their data analysis capabilities and search for additional solutions to integrate with their out-of-the-box CRM tools.

Below, we have four tools and extensions that integrate with Sugar and will help you stay one step ahead of your competition.

1. W-Systems Enhanced Reporting Dashlets for Sugar

We know that our customers are always thrilled to have a better visual representation of their data and KPIs. Because of this, we created a variety of advanced Sugar dashlets that enhance organizations’ capabilities to better visualize and interpret their Sugar information and data. W-Systems offers five dashlets, each created with different metric analysis capabilities:

  • Clustered Bar Chart Dashlet
Clustered Bar Chart Dashlet The Clustered Bar Chart Dashlet for Sugar.
  • Chart Dashlet
Chart Dashlet in Sugar. The Chart Dashlet in Sugar.
  • Reports Dashlet
The Reports Dashlet in Sugar. The Reports Dashlet in Sugar.
  • Gauge Dashlet
The Gauge Dashlet in Sugar The Gauge Dashlet in Sugar.
  • Sales Pipeline Metrics Dashlet
The Sales Pipeline Metrics Dashlet. The Sales Pipeline Metrics Dashlet in Sugar.

Each dashlet is easy to customize, which allows the user to access data in a variety of different ways. Easily change the type of chart displayed by each dashlet, personalize the axis for each chart, select where you want to have the values placed within their charts (middle of the chart, end, top, etc.), and even customize how you want your chart values to be displayed. For example, businesses that generate revenue that revolves around higher amounts - thousands - can customize their charts to shorten total values (e.g. 10k).

The customization options for the W-Systems Enhanced Reporting Dashlets for Sugar can take your business intelligence capabilities up a notch, thanks to the toolbar buttons that enable you to drill through your data for detailed information, and easily take screenshots of your charts that you can then use in your weekly reports.. 

2. wBenchmark

wBenchmark is W-Systems’ business intelligence solution that comes with advanced Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) management capabilities in Sugar. wBenchmark can be used to define, capture, and visualize KPIs inside Sugar for any standard or user-defined modules. Users can even create their own KPIs and even track them at specific points in time. 

Whether you’re interested to see your data on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or even yearly basis, you can easily configure wBenchmark to track it. For example, you can easily visualize your sales pipeline for any of the time intervals previously mentioned.

wBenchmark in Sugar. wBenchmark in Sugar.

wBenchmark helps empower your sales teams to gain a better visual representation at the current state of their sales pipeline, spot patterns in sales, and anticipate trends, based on past information. All charts and dashlets can be easily copied to your clipboard or exported, for future references in your presentations.

wBenchmark Dashlets in Sugar. WBenchmark Dashlets in Sugar.

3. W-Systems Data Warehouse Services

If you’re looking to visualize your Sugar data in an external BI tool, such as Amazon QuickSight, there are a few things to take into account before connecting the two systems. Without any interpretation, your data will be displayed using field names (as opposed to the easily readable labels), and record IDs. Secondly, your Sugar instance can experience significant performance dips in performance as your BI tool has to constantly check the Sugar database for updates.

The W-Systems Data Warehouse Services can help Sugar customers to extract and interpret data and information and transpose it in a more user-friendly fashion. Whether you’re a Sugar Cloud or On-Demand user, we can help you extract data from your Sugar instance and migrate it to a local data warehouse, like Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure.

Once we’ve transformed your data, you can use any business intelligence tool to interpret it. Based on the data your business analysts extract and process, you now can create customizable chart dashlets, for easier visualization of your data sets.

4. W-Systems Connector to Amazon QuickSight

The W-Systems Connector to Amazon QuickSight is our customization that allows Amazon QuickSight users to add QuickSight dashboards in Sugar. Thanks to our connector, you can easily see the dashboards you create in QuickSight without having to leave your CRM window!

W-Systems Connector to Amazon QuickSight. W-Systems Connector to Amazon QuickSight.

Key Takeaways

W-Systems provides a series of flexible and easy-to-use Business Intelligence extensions and tools for your Sugar Instance! We’d love to discuss more business intelligence with you! Contact your Account Manager, give us a call, or schedule a meeting for more insights, tips, and advice!