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Top 10 Reasons to Use wTools

by Roxana Dicu on September 27, 2019

4 minute read

As we work with our customers to deploy Sugar within their organizations, our team of developers produces modules and integrations that showcase the full flexibility that Sugar offers. 

Read on as we dive into each wTools customization and the top 10 reasons you should use to increase your productivity and to save your organization both time and money.

1. Extend the Capabilities of Your Report Chart Dashlet

The Drill Down Report Chart Dashlet module adds a ‘Drill Down’ link to any Saved Report Chart  Dashlet placed on a dashboard. It facilitates navigating through charts by allowing users to click on any element of a chart to see their detailed data.

Drill Down Report Chart Dashlet screenshot

2. Save More Time with Custom Buttons

Users are now able to reduce the time and hassle needed to go manually through different menus to complete certain actions.

Custom Buttons is a field type that can add buttons in dashlets, list and record view. This field type supports adding multiple actions on the same Custom Button and covers a variety of capabilities.

Custom Buttons screenshot

3. Easy to Configure Gauge Chart Dashlets

We wanted to offer our users a highly configurable chart dashlet against any Sugar data. This is how Gauge Chart Dashlet was born, a useful module that is configurable to measure a numeric field aggregate value from any module and display the results in a gauge type chart.

wTools Gauge Cgart Dashlet screenshot

4. Create Special Notifications

If you want to bring special instructions or alerts to the record reader, this useful add-on is just what you need. The Custom Notification Field Type adds a variation of a text field that allows the creation of special font and color formatted notifications on a record so that your information will stand out.

wTools custom notification fields screenshot

5. Edit Records with a Few Clicks

Want to edit a row in list view mode a little quicker? Now you can just double click on the row and it goes into edit mode. This simple add-on replaces the need to press the row action menu and the edit choice. Just double-click anywhere in the row.

You can activate many rows for editing by repeatedly double-clicking the rows you want to edit.

Double Click to Edit List View Row

6. Quickly Embed Social Media Content to Records

The Embedded Content Field allows users to embed external content (such as social media) to records. The Embedded Content field can also be customized to create widgets containing data from other fields. For instance, you could create a business card using a record’s data. You can also get pre-made templates and edit them to contain the information you need.

wTools embed content field screenshot

7. Track Performance at a Glance

Want to see how certain number-based fields in your records are performing and compare them with previous records? Then the following module will do just that.

The Sparkline List Dashlet enables users to view a list of records from any module in Sugar and choose which number-based fields to compare, along with graphic representation on top of each column.

wTools Sparkline List Dashlet screenshot

8. Customizable Colored Fields

The Colored Field functionality provides the ability to create new fields that have a background color set from another field or, selected for each one in Edit View.

wTools colored fields screenshot   

9. Enhanced Control of Your List View Records

If you need to see more than 20 records at the same time in your List View, take a look at Custom Results per Module Dropdown. This customization allows users to control the number of records displayed in a list view. The dropdown also saves the number of records you’ve chosen to view for each Module with a list view.

wTools custom results per module dropdown screenshot

10. Create Notes with Ease

Create Notes in List View enables Sugar users to create and attach a note to a record directly from List View, effectively saving you clicks and time.

wTools create notes in list view screenshot

Concluding Thoughts

Need more reasons to use these useful add-ons? We believe 10 is more than enough! To learn more about wTools and how integrating it into your CRM can boost your productivity don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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