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Top 10 Reasons to Choose W-Systems as Your SugarCRM Partner

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on December 10, 2015

6 minute read

Choosing a SugarCRM partner is more than just making sure implementation goes as planned, but finding a solid relationship that you can lean on for future updates, training, support and everything else.

Below are our top 10 reasons why you should choose us as your SugarCRM Partner.

1.  Two Decades of CRM 

Since 1996 W-Systems has provided process design, application customization, data and application integration, technical installation, training, and both on-site and telephone hotline support. 

2. Top 5 SugarCRM Partner

As a Top 5 Worldwide and Elite designated SugarCRM partner we have deployed Sugar to 100's of organizations in every industry and geography.

We are business analysts and developers, and we want to make Sugar fit your organization like a glove.

3. Integration Experts  

The real value and power of Sugar lies in the ability to make any number of integrations to your organization’s legacy or current systems and applications available right within Sugar.

As integration experts, we have the capability to bring everything directly into Sugar whether that requires us developing the connectors or simply setting them up for you. 

4. New York & New Jersey Offices

With two office locations in both New Jersey and New York (Long Island), we have the capacity to serve your organization wherever you are located.

5.  In-house Development, Marketing and Sales Team

W-Systems consists of over 30 dedicated Customer Relationship Management professionals focused on designing, developing, implementing and supporting our clients. Check out our Team Page for a full list and photos of all our employees.

6.  Sugar Support and Maintenance

W-Systems’ Support is available to assist customers with administrative tasks like creating new users, adjusting roles, creating new fields, adding to drop-down lists, changing layouts, performing data cleansing, creating reports, importing data, etc.

7.  wTools: Free Sugar Customizations for our Customers 

As we work with our customers to deploy Sugar within their organizations, our team of developers produce modules and integrations that showcase the full flexibility that Sugar offers. Our customers can take advantage of our growing library of customizations: wTools. To learn more visit the wTools product page.

8.  SugarCRM Blog

Producing valuable content for our customers is at the forefront of our minds. Every month we produce between 5-8 new articles on our blog that include:

  • Interviews
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Product Reviews
  • Developer Related
  • Marketing Related
  • Awards
  • Webinars and On-Site Events Recaps

9.  SugarCRM Monthly Newsletter 

At the beginning of every month, we send out a monthly newsletter that includes a round-up of SugarCRM newsworthy content and resources.

10.  Sugar User Group, Trainings, and Quarterly Functions

We provide many different services to our customers including:

  • Bi-monthly Sugar User Group webinars that feature a feature topic, Sugar Product News Roundup and Open Q&A Session
  • Sugar Training and Additional Webinars that can be found on our Training Schedule Page or by reaching out directly to our Support Team.
  • Every quarter we host events in the tri-state area to give you an opportunity to meet W-Systems and SugarCRM staff and learn about the latest enhancements in Sugar. In the past, we have done rooftop happy hours, steak lunch and learns and draft beer tasting events.