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Top 10 Lessons Learned From Wistia’s CouchCon

by Roxana Rangu on September 4, 2018

7 minute read

On August 14, Wistia hosted CouchCon, their first-ever virtual conference on all things marketing and video. 

CouchCon brought together 13 influential marketers that talked about how they’re using video at their businesses, they spoke about the future of content marketing and even offered a behind-the-scenes look at various companies approached using video in their marketing.

Keep reading to see our reasons to inspire you to leverage video in your marketing efforts.

1. Everyone Can Be a Video Producer - Making Videos is Easier Than You Think!

The key to video editing is figuring out how to get started. The DIY (Do-It-Yourself) education movement has exploded. In fact, Youtube searches for “How to” videos have increased by 70% year over year. The demand for video-based self-learning is massive!

You can learn how to create informative video content, goal your videos on engagement and impact, and focus on your audience’s needs. This way, you’ll create remarkable videos and build trust with your audience. 

Here are easy some tips to start your video production journey:

  • Practice video production: don't film while walking, or in your car. Respect your audience and put in the work to produce a good video.
  • Use Rev or another service to caption your videos quickly. When you upload to social, always turn on captions.
  • Upload your files natively to the social platform you're sharing on. That will increase the total number of views.
  • Answer every comment! Engage as much as possible with your viewers.
  • Make sure you have a strong CTA to drive traffic from your video to another site.

2. Use Video in B2B Marketing

Video isn’t just for B2C and influencers - B2B can add videos to their marketing repertoire and get excellent results. 
Here are our key takeaways from LinkedIn’s survey on B2B advertising:

  • Be relevant to your audience. Video quality and length won’t matter as much to viewers if the content is what they were looking for
  • Be funny (but not ROFL-funny). Adding a humorous comment or a witty remark in your video - like we did in our Release RoundUp - Sugar 8.1 video - can persuade your viewers to stay engaged for longer and not stop the video after 5 seconds. 

  • Not everyone has headsets. Plan your content so that it conveys your key message with the sound off just as well as if it were on.

3. Delight  and Communicate Your Customers by Using Video on Landing Pages

Enhance your landing pages and delight your prospects and customers by embedding video content. Here are some tips to get you started: 

  • Try dynamic content in the video. You can adjust the same video for different audiences by shooting your core content and then recording and adding hyper-targeted portions in your video.
  • Try dynamic video content on your landing pages. You can pull critical parameters like someone’s name or location into a page, or have your video shrink and follow visitors as they scroll, keeping them engaged.
  • Mimic the tech stack. Use professional video hosting such as Wistia, professional landing page builders like Act-On offers, email, and in-app messaging such as Drift.
  • Add urgency. Try ‘reminder’ style videos for campaigns with a deadline, even if they are made with an iPhone and don’t look super polished.
  • Have a message. It can be tempting to make videos, but you should be deliberate with your videos and only create them when you have a message.

4. Create Engaging Videos for Social Media

Everyone creates and shares videos - clips of our friends and family, pets doing funny things, and more. You don’t have to spend a ton to get initial results, but it is essential to test, iterate and improve.

Keep a close eye on your social media metrics, see how your videos perform and figure out what works for your business and what doesn’t.

5. Make Useful Videos

If you work in sales, you can help generate an increase in responses by creating sales videos. Use video in different parts of the customer lifecycle, try adding GIFs to your outreach emails and in-app messages, or use educational video content.

6. Nurture Leads With Video

We’re all focused on generating leads, but are you using video to nurture them through the funnel?

Video is becoming the preferred method for gaining information and is one of the most effective ways to attract and engage with customers. 

Fun fact: the brain processes visuals about 60,000 times faster than text. That’s an excellent reason to use relevant graphics and videos to attract new customers and keep your current ones engaged.

7. Product Video Demos: Use Video to Build Trust and Authority With Audiences

Video is great for demos and tech overviews, but it can also be a powerful channel to build relationships and trust with your audience through thought leadership.

Leadership through video demos can be done well and consistently, without breaking the bank.

8. Launch your Product in Style: Use Video to Attract Your Target Audience

Product launches are never easy! A great way to tackle the challenge of launching a new product is to use informative videos highlighting key features. You should also use video for major product updates and showcase what’s new. For example, our Release RoundUp series feature major Sugar updates and what’s been added or changed.

9. Be Creative and Thrifty. Recycle Your Video Content!

From using video in ad campaigns to creating video series that keep our audiences engaged, here at W-Systems we like to convert the video content by turning our webinars in product demos and then embed them on our Act-On landing pages.

Another great way to recycle your content is to edit 30-second clips and use them on your social media channels.

10. Combine Video and Marketing Automation to Generate Leads

Webinars are great for generating more leads, nurturing audience members, and delivering useful content. Why not grow your business by increasing traffic and converting quality leads using video?

We found the Wistia and Act-On combo very efficient by using Wistia’s turnstile options to grab names and emails, add them to an Act-On automated program that adds relevant information about the viewers (such as which video was watched, which software he/she is interested in, etc.), and then push them to Sugar as lead records.

Closing Thoughts

Wistia's virtual conference offered excellent access to the successes and failures of businesses that succeeded by using video in their marketing efforts.  Their success is inspiring and, thanks to CouchCon, they offered easy access to everyone without having to travel hundreds of miles, shared resources and answered questions.

We also find very useful now, when explaining a concept to a customer or even an employee, to integrate screen recordings to create beautiful how-to videos within minutes. Personal touches like using video to our sales emails as well as creating engaging video webinar invitations or creating easy-to-understand product video demos can go a long way in retaining customers and encouraging word of mouth. 

Hungry for more? All of the CouchCon content is available here

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