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Tip: One Sugar Setting Change Your Users Will Love

by Christian Wettre on June 27, 2013

3 minute read

In designing software user interfaces there are two rules we try to follow as much as possible.   First, do not make your user have to think about how to accomplish a task. Second, keep the number of clicks and choices to an absolute minimum needed to accomplish a task.

Here is one SugarCRM system setting that helps us meet those goals.

In the SugarCRM Administration page, go to the section for System Settings:

From System Settings, find the option 'Display options within menus' and uncheck it.

When you do this you will transform the default action button used on most sugar detail view pages from a combo button to multiple single buttons.




As a SugarCRM administrator, you just made the options in SugarCRM immediately clear to your users and you have allowed them to execute a function in one click instead of two. 

That is what it is all about!