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Three New SugarCRM Sponsored Open-Source Projects

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on April 11, 2016

3 minute read

Matt Marum from SugarCRM's Developer blog recently posted three new SugarCRM sponsored open sourced projects.  

In his words:

We build Sugar on open source technology and open standards. We host and run our software on open source platforms in Sugar On-Demand. And all of our developers use open source tools for developing Sugar and implementing CRM projects for our customers.

As much as we benefit from open source software, we are obliged to give back. We host a number of open source projects in our SugarCRM Github organization that are actively maintained by SugarCRM employees. We encourage the Sugar Developer community to collaborate with us.

Read more to find out about some brand spanking new SugarCRM open source projects.

Sucrose Charts

SugarCRM Engineering has built a custom D3.js based chart library that we use to build charts used in Sugar 7. The code is being refactored into a dedicated library used by the Sugar product, which allows SugarCRM to launch a new open source project for the benefit of anyone needing a localized, responsive, and easy to use HTML5 chart library.

Head over to to see some live and interactive examples of Sucrose Charts in action!

Sucrose Chart

The Sugar REST Harness

SugarCRM Professional Services has created a REST API test automation framework that they use to test their Enterprise CRM projects. SugarCRM is now providing this code as a framework for any Sugar Developers out there looking for an easy and repeatable way to automate functional tests for Sugar REST APIs including custom or extended APIs.

This is going to be a great tool for any Sugar Developers looking to build a better automated test practice. It also supports a variety of output formats which makes it an ideal Sugar REST API test tool to integrate with your DevOps or continuous integration process.

Check out the project README for usage instructions.

Updated Tidbit Documentation

Tidbit is a great open source tool used widely in the Sugar Developer community to generate pseudo-random data in the Sugar database for testing purposes. SugarCRM's Performance team has been enhancing this tool and put together some new and improved usage documentation.

This new Tidbit documentation is posted on the project’s Github wiki page.

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