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The (Enhanced) Drilldown Report Chart Dashlet

by Paul Scondac on March 23, 2017

3 minute read

We recently updated the Drilldown Report Chart Dashlet, a Sugar customization, and part of our wTools library. Our previous Drilldown Report Chart Dashlet (seen below) allows users to click on the drilldown link on any report based dashlet and open the underlying report in a new browser tab.

The updated version further facilitates navigating through charts by allowing users to click on any element of a chart to see their detailed data.

Using the Drilldown Report Chart Dashlet's New Features

After the module is installed, go to any dashboard where you have set up chart dashlets.

Hover over the tile of the chart which you want to open, and click on it.

The drill will open and display the data of that report (as seen below).

Another new feature that we recently added is the "Add Copy to Clipboard button on Dashlet". This turns out to be a useful feature as it enables to quickly copy a chart into an email. On the home dashlet, once you add a wChart Dashlet, two checkboxes will appear: "Copy to clipboard" and "Download as image"

wChart Dashlet copy to clipboard and download image checkboxes

This will allow the user to either copy or download the chart as an image.

Copy as image option on drilldown reports

save as image option on drilldown reports

Another addition of the updated Drilldown Report Chart Dashlet is a preview button next to any related field. By clicking on it, you’ll be able to view a detailed report of the record, which updates were made, and by whom.

The Predefined Colors feature of this module allows users to configure default element colors based on their value. This functionality may be used to keep a color consistency across all your charts. This panel can be found in the Administration page.

For instance, the default colors on the “Accounts By Type By Industry” report are the following:

Using the Predefined Colors panel, we updated the colors of “Undefined” and “Banking”.

The chart elements' colors will be updated after you’ve saved your changes in the panel. You can view the updated chart below:

The updated Drilldown Report Chart Dashlet’s functionality is also carried over in the list view of any module. For instance, if you’ve configured a chart dashlet inside a list view (in this case, Opportunities), you’ll be able to click on any element of that chart to view the contents of it.

For more details, watch the video below to see the full functionality:

The Drilldown Report Chart Dashlet is a part of our wTools Customizations for Sugar. Contact us if you'd like us to deploy it for you, or learn more about our wTools products.

This functionality is now directly available in Sugar as of version

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