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The Strategy Behind the Birthday Campaign

by Amanda Anderson on March 25, 2013

4 minute read

Today is my birthday. To celebrate, I went hiking at Enchanted Rock over the weekend, and so far today I went out for a great lunch and received cupcakes and cookies at the office. Outside of family and friends, I don't see why anyone else would remember or take time to say "Happy Birthday".

The Strategy Behind the Birthday Campaign

Except that some people did.

My bank, favorite clothing store, and hair salon all remembered my birthday was this month by either sending me a card, coupon or displaying a custom greeting on the ATM machine as I dispensed money for my skeeball playoff game last week. Well, they didn’t exactly remember, but some type of customer relationship management (CRM) system did.

At W-Systems, we emphasize the power of having a fully integrated CRM system and the importance of data entry. We focus on how CRM systems can help streamline the sales process and make your company more efficient. But it’s also important to note the impact a great CRM system can have on your customers, not just on the company. When I saw “Happy Birthday” on the Wells Fargo ATM machine, it made me smile. It caught me by surprise, and I just might be a little more brand loyal to my bank because of it. When W-Systems deploys custom CRM systems, we always ask companies what their business strategy is and how they want to use the system.

In the case of Wells Fargo, the "birthday" field is probably required for banking purposes, but that didn't mean they had to make a marketing campaign around it. The information was already available to them, and they capitalized on the existing data.

For my hair salon, their marketing strategy depended on the “birthday” field being populated in its CRM system. The campaign would fail if the data was not entered correctly or even at all. Data entry is not only for the benefit of the company and its CRM users. It also benefits the customer and the level of satisfaction that customer has with the company. In the case of customer support, data entry is critical. If a customer has an issue, the appropriate data needs to be available so that any agent can resolve it or at least be knowledgeable about the customer’s account history. After knowing what information is needed in the CRM system to make support calls smooth, quick, and successful, then a strategy for data entry can be put in place. The employees can better understand why they are asked to enter notes in the CRM system or why they need to log every call.

Something as little as a “birthday” field is something that can be easily overlooked and undervalued, but can be critical to the overall success of a campaign. Your CRM system is only as valuable as the data in it, and if the marketing strategy and benefit to the customer are fully explained to your CRM users, data entry will improve... and so will the satisfaction of your customers. What customer data should you be capturing and how will you use it? (Birthdays, anniversaries, software renewals, etc.)