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The Power of Brand Marketing

by Roxana Rangu on November 19, 2019

9 minute read

Brand: this concept comes up more and more for all marketers and is more important than ever. Your brand is your promise to your customers. And it’s also a great differentiator in the market—It’s what makes your company stand out from the crowd and have an engaged audience that is looking for your brand, instead of competing with hundreds or thousands of other businesses.

We’ve put together a list of marketing hacks that expert marketers agree they could potentially change the future of marketing. So, keep reading to learn how you can build a strong brand marketing strategy for your company and get recognized.

1.Create Affinity, Not Just Awareness

Building a brand can be a challenge, but it’s essential to creating awareness for a company and its products. 

The brand is the way the market perceives you as a company. It’s not something that you can control, but you can definitely influence the way customers perceive you. You can shape their perception to support your brand in several ways through the way they interact with your website, your social media, or your store. This is called Brand Marketing

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Things have changed a lot in the way companies market their products and their brands. Social Media went from organic to paid, so in order to stand out from the sea of brands you have to pay—we’ve all seen those paid advertisements while scrolling on Facebook. While they help create brand awareness, they don’t help people build affinity with it.

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Rest assured, there are other ways that cost next to nothing to put your brand on the map and can have an even bigger impact. The best brands out there are building their brands in a different way without advertising and this leads us to the next point.

2. Rethink Budget 

People’s expectations have changed; they crave engaging content everywhere, anytime. Telling your brand’s story in a different way or sticking to a great cause that identifies with your company’s values sticks with your consumers and converts them in your brand advocates.

Wistia’s Change the Channel—a live streamed event that discussed where the future of marketing is heading—showcased several great examples such as Netflix, MailChimp or Peloton that invested all of their advertising budget into creating authentic video content to market their product and create a stronger connection with their customers. Here are a few examples on how to create great content for your company instead of paid advertising:


Whether you want to discuss the latest company news or share your knowledge with your audience, blogging seems like the easiest way to go. Blog posts that are well-structured and SEO-friendly will help drive organic traffic to your website and create an audience that is constantly interested in your company and your content.

Video Content

More than 80% of companies use video as a marketing tool, and this percentage is rising every year. Did you know that people spend one third of their time watching online video content?

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The benefits of video marketing are huge and it’s become accessible to anyone, no matter the budget. Check out a few ways you could use to build and promote your brand:

  • Vlogs 
  • Video interviews
  • Tutorial videos
  • Videos of presentations
  • Product demos 
  • Video testimonials
  • Live streams
  • Ads
  • Webinars

It’s time to start using video so you can keep up, if you’re not doing it already. Using a platform like Wistia makes it easier to get more fans for your brand and create an engaging TV-quality experience. 

Read through this blog post to learn more about Video-Storytelling and how it can benefit your business. 


Another great way of engaging with your audience is through podcasts. These are easy-to-listen audio recordings that your brand fans can listen to on their desktop or mobile devices anytime, anywhere and always keep up with the news and updates that you want to share.


eBooks and online guides are popular because they are an electronic version of traditional print books that can be read by using a personal computer or an eBook reader. They can be downloaded for free at a reduced cost from your website and can be a great resource of knowledge for your audience. Check out this free eBook where we discussed the importance of integrating CRM and marketing automation platforms to maximize revenue.


These events are attended exclusively by an online audience and are a powerful way to land new clients and generate big buzz around increasing brand affinity. They are so popular not only because they generate great video content that you can later use, but because they are engaging and they gain people’s trust by sharing valuable information as opposed to giving a sales pitch. 

At W-Systems we find great value in engaging with our clients and potential clients through webinars and have created quite a stack that you can choose from here.

Smart Social Media Presence

The most successful companies know how to build and maintain their online presence on social media. Creating content relating to your business and popular trends is one of the best ways to build your online audience and to be honest, your brand looks a lot more impressive if it has a considerable presence across social networks.

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  • Identify your audience and direct your efforts in the right way. As an example, 81% of the Pinterest users are female and most of them are interested in niche related to cooking, designing, art or creativity.
    On the other hand, if you are looking to address business professionals, comparably there are fewer boards to pin on Pinterest and you should switch to LinkedIn.
  • Engage with your audience. Interacting with people is vital for modern businesses and speaking to followers directly is a fantastic way to gain awareness for your brand. As long as your audience is engaged, no matter how small that audience is, it will grow organically and generate more leads.
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3. Gather Your Team

You’ve figured out how to invest your budget and what your brand values are. Now it’s time to put together a content marketing team that scales.

Gathering a functional content marketing team is like putting together a machine. Each piece has to be well oiled and optimized to work perfectly. If a piece does not work the way it should be, the whole mechanism will suffer. We’ve compiled what we believe are the most important roles in your content marketing team:

  • Producer: this person will figure out which formats are do-able that can align with your strategy, what is efficient for your brand and how to better use all your resources for the better outcome. 
  • Designer: whatever your needs—infographics, interactives, e-books, white papers, social content. A great design carries your brand’s visual style, makes content easier to comprehend, and upgrades your audience’s experience. 
  • Content Writer: communicates your message in your voice in a compelling way. 
  • The most recent addition to a content marketing team is a Videographer, especially if you are considering a lot of video content for your marketing campaigns like webinars, vlogs or video ads.

Concluding Thoughts

We’ve got a lot out of this year’s Change the Channel and we’re so excited about all the new features and updates that they came up with. Wistia’s special broadcast announced their transition to the new trend towards Brand Affinity Marketing and added great new features to their product that help businesses like ours and yours to build a powerful brand.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you build a stronger brand, we’re happy to hear your ideas and instill life into them, so make sure you give us a call.