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The New SugarClub: A Close-Knit Community of Sugar Experts, Partners, and Customers

by Mihaela Bulacu on August 14, 2020

5 minute read

The new SugarClub is here, and we couldn’t be more excited! Transitioning from the old Sugar Community to the New SugarClub has brought improvements and additions to the partner and customer portal.

While the former Sugar Community focused on providing technical support to partners and end-users, the New Club aims to preserve the same information-rich content, with an increase in collaboration and engagement.

Transitioning from the Community to the Club

The SugarClub was created to enhance end-user, partner and collaborator experience, and networking, and is built on three main pillars: Engage, Learn and Explore.

The new Sugar Club aims to improve collaboration between users, partners experts.

1. Engage

This key-area is a place where everybody can contribute to the Club with Sugar best practices and learn from one another. The engagement component will also help everyone find and share innovative and creative solutions, expertise, meet new Sugar-focused people, and inspire innovative approaches to products and services.

The Engagement part is one of the three main pillars of the community.

2. Learn

The learning component also plays a significant role in the New SugarClub, preserving the information-rich content that was previously available in the Sugar University portal. However, it also enables partners, and not only, get their Sugar certifications, improve learning pathways, find learning resources, and join live training classes, directly from the SugarU view.

The Learn component aims to enable Sugar users to discover innovative ways of using Sugar products.

3. Explore

This is the corner to explore product-specific answers to some of the most common Sugar questions, and technical-focused content, more suitable for Admin and End Users. The Explore corner contains all Product Guides that will make using all Sugar products easier, as well as all the necessary resources that will allow them to become successful Sugar users.

The new Sugar Club also emphasizes the importance of exploring product-specific topics.
It also lets users  explore different communities that are part of the club.

User-Friendly Interface

The new SugarClub features a user-friendly interface. Once you log into your account, the main page will feature only the content relevant to you. The new portal lets you search for groups, materials, content, resources, navigate each key-component presented above, offers quick-access links to training, and Community Engagement. 

What W-Systems Thinks

What I like the most about the new SugarClub is the feeling of engagement it nurtures. While the former Sugar Community did an excellent job of allowing me to find the technical information I needed, the new Club helps me engage and learn more about Sugar products in the different communities.

For example, the Marketing community in the Engage section packs useful content presented in a friendly and informative fashion. I can find new information on strategies to build and enrich nurture campaigns, segmentation strategies, and more. 

Speaking of learning, I find it useful that the new SugarClub also features fast-access links to Courses, Training, and Certification Programs, as well as other groups and communities. Learning how other departments interact with and adopt Sugar products into their work routines helps me get a better insight into what topics I should approach in the future in the content we create here at W-Systems.

From a User Experience (UX) standpoint, I find the new portal to have a better structure, increased user-friendliness, and a cleaner design. 

Stay Tuned!

The SugarClub is growing. Join like-minded peers, experts, and collaborators for everything-Sugar. Until then, you can get in touch with us for a closer look at the Club or any Sugar topic you would like W-Systems’ guidance on.

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