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Why Your CRM is Essential to Data Collection

May 28, 2019   •   3 minute read

Is your customer interaction data spread across multiple platforms? Read our 4 reasons why you should centralize data in your CRM!

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Using the REST API to Integrate with CRM Data

December 12, 2017   •   4 minute read

Learn how to access your CRM data using the Sugar REST API, whenever you want and however you want.

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Extending App Functionality with SugarCRM Mobile’s SDK

November 28, 2017   •   6 minute read

The SugarCRM Mobile SDK enables Sugar users to greatly extend the mobile app’s capabilities beyond its out-of-the-box features.

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Customer Success with American Specialties (ASI)

November 21, 2017   •   5 minute read

Avi Bar, National Sales Manager for ASI, did a terrific job outlining what a successful CRM implementation should look like, at this year's SugarCon 2017.

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Passing the Sugar Solution Architect Exam

November 7, 2017   •   3 minute read

Michael Joyner, CRM Client Manager at W-Systems shares his experience on taking and passing the Sugar Solution Architect Certification Exam.

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Star Wars Stormtrooper Battle Buddy

October 5, 2017   •   2 minute read

At this year’s SugarCon, we decided to bring along our newest employee, the Star Wars Stormtrooper Battle Buddy!

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SugarCon 2017 Recap: App Throwdown

September 27, 2017   •   3 minute read

Check out the SugarCon App Throwdown winner with the "Ultimate Superpower," a showcase of the top add-ons of the Sugar platform.

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SugarCon 2017 Recap: Day 3

September 27, 2017   •   4 minute read

Day 3 Recap of SugarCon 2017, including General Sessions, Sugar Labs, Track Sessions, App Throwdown and the W-Systems Booth.

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SugarCon 2017 Recap: Day 2

September 26, 2017   •   5 minute read

Day 2 Recap of SugarCon 2017, including Welcome & General Sessions, Track Sessions and the W-Systems Booth.

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SugarCon 2017 Recap: Day 1

September 25, 2017   •   3 minute read

Day 1 Recap of SugarCon 2017 in San Francisco, CA including the W-Systems booth, Welcome Reception, and Partner Pavilion.

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SugarCon 2017 Spotlight: UnCon Tracks

September 20, 2017   •   4 minute read

Take a look at the SugarCon 2017 UnCon Tracks including the Sugar Solution Architects panel featuring Ionut Tonita from W-Systems.

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SugarCon 2017 Spotlight: Tracks

September 15, 2017   •   3 minute read

Take a look at the five tracks from SugarCon 2017 where industry experts and leaders will deliver technical input on how to transform customer relationships.

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Getting Independent Sales Reps and the Manufacturer on the Same Team

September 14, 2017   •   2 minute read

At SugarCon 2017, Avi Bar from ASI will host a session and discuss how ASI got its independent reps on the same page.

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6 Sessions to Get Excited for at SugarCon 2017

August 7, 2017   •   5 minute read

If you’re a savvy business-relationship superstar, you’re probably already signed up and ready to SugarCon 2017 in San Francisco this September!

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