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Surviving Today to Better Forecast Tomorrow

by Amanda Anderson on May 24, 2011

3 minute read

In mid-2010, prior to becoming a W-Systems customer, USA FACT was struggling with operational, technology, and sales/financial issues. They had low user adoption of Sugar, its sales team did not have a quote structure in place, and managers were unable to track accountability, activities or profit.

When they took the helm at USA FACT, CEO Matt Davidson and COO Matthew Taylor were faced with a demoralized staff, high customer attrition, and an income statement that was covered in red ink.

Rather than retreat and downsize, Davidson and Taylor chose to invest and modernize.  With new product offerings and better business processes aimed at making USA FACT more responsive and efficient, Davidson and Taylor made SugarCRM the centerpiece of their business turnaround strategy.

To initiate a complete business turnaround, USA FACT, with solution partner W-Systems, modified and leveraged Sugar by taking the following steps:

  • Leverage Cases to track operational work
  • Leverage Cases to track IT/IS deliverables (considered bug tracking)
  • Add all employees to Sugar
  • Implement “Quote Module”
  • Remove useless fields
  • Create proper groups and roles
  • Create dashboards for all users
  • Assign all open opportunities
  • Create proper prospecting and initiate better sales forecasting
  • Train the system, train the process, train the users
  • Explain why and purpose of the system to achieve complete success

After implementing these processes, USA FACT was able to more accurately forecast their sales. They no longer were taking their best guess. By focusing on the day to day activities of its sales team and capturing more accurate data due to user acceptance, USA Fact could then look ahead to tomorrow with historical data backing their forecast.

In months when the industry would typically experience its worst operational costs, USA FACT is now seeing its best overall performance. With one centralized solution for sales, product and individual case management, USA FACT has streamlined its operations and sales processes and saved on both time and efficiency.

Click through USA FACT’s SugarCon presentation slides to see their complete turnaround process and their successes as of the first quarter’s end in 2011 or view more presentations from W-Systems.

“We use Sugar for everything, from IT bug tracking to case management, sales management, and reporting,” Taylor explains. “It’s the core of everything we do here.” Just as W-Systems did with customer USA FACT, we can consult with your company and discover how to better leverage SugarCRM to work with your users and not against them.

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