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Survey Forms in SugarCRM

by Amanda Anderson on May 25, 2012

3 minute read

One method of pushing data into your SugarCRM system is through a web-to-lead form. When someone fills out information on your website’s contact form, that information will push through as a lead in Sugar. Web forms can be used for creating leads, but they can also be used to push additional information into the record of an existing contact. Specifically, I’m talking about survey forms.

W-Systems built a custom survey module in SugarCRM for customers needing to track and measure training evaluations, event surveys, quizzes, and customer feedback. With this customization, users can easily create their own surveys inside of Sugar.

Using the Sugar interface, users can create their own questions and answers. They can determine if they want the answer to be a checkbox, drop-down, open-ended, etc. In the case of quizzes, the user can designate correct answers for the form.

Once the survey form is built, it is posted to a landing page and the link can be sent out to designated contacts from the SugarCRM system. When the form is submitted, the answers are pushed back through to the custom survey module in Sugar. This data is related to the contact who completed the form but can also be made anonymous depending on the purpose of the survey.

 Create and Analyze Surveys in SugarCRM

Using Sugar’s reporting functionality, the survey responses can be measured and graphically displayed in a chart. Also, these reports can be exported so that users can send out a summary of the feedback or responses.

In addition to having reportable data and feedback, it gives your sales team additional information about that lead or contact. For example, if you surveyed a customer and one of the questions asked them to rate their level of satisfaction, and the customer rated low on that question, you could run a workflow rule to notify the assigned sales rep. The rep could then follow-up with that customer to try to resolve the situation before it’s too late and the customer is lost.

The survey tool is versatile and can be used for customer feedback, training evaluations, quizzes, and many other situations. Best of all, it is yet another way to utilize one application so that your data is centralized and accessible within your organization.

For more information on the custom survey module W-Systems built-in SugarCRM, contact us today.

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