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SuiteBox for Sugar, Integrated One-to-One Video and Document Review

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on May 18, 2015

5 minute read

SuiteBox delivers a web or mobile meeting experience less focused on sales presentations, and more focused on the one-on-one connection often required in specific industries such as financial services or insurance. 

The product is intended to deliver a close and direct video meeting experience where documents can be reviewed and executed live. The combination of video and document signature is unique, and we feel that it warrants some coverage.

“I wanted to make video easy,” said co-founder Craig Meek when we asked him what he and co-founder Ian Black’s drive was to create SuiteBox.  

SuiteBox, one of the 50 entrants for the annual AppThrowdown competition at SugarCon this year was awarded the best in class Mobile solution. At W-Systems we are just as impressed by this solution as the panel of industry leaders that judged the AppThrowdown competition.

Simply put, SuiteBox allows you to launch and execute video meetings from inside Sugar without any additional software.  Once the meeting has been established, electronic documents and forms can be presented to the participants to be completed and signed during the meeting. These capabilities can deliver significant time savings in many industries. During our conversation with SuiteBox, they highlighted the financial services and insurance use cases where wealth managers or agents need to meet with consumer clients to review investment or insurance goals.


  • One-to-One Video
    Have a more meaningful and productive face to face meeting with clients while on the go from your iPad. Meetings can be recorded and securely archived - anywhere, anytime for either reference or audit.
  • Share Documents
    Walk through any PDF documents with clients remotely while knowing they are on the same page as you.
  • Sugar Integration
    Initiate a video meeting from inside your existing CRM with all recordings stored automatically against the client CRM record for later reference or audit.
  • Record Notes
    Capture important moments as video from within the meeting and have them stored back in the CRM.

How it Works


What Wowed W-Systems

One of the most impressive pieces of SuiteBox for Sugar that we observed was the ability to have participants collectively review, edit and grant control over digital documents, and to sign on-screen with embedded authentication.

We tested this functionality in a demo with Craig Meek from SuiteBox and Christian Wettre from W-Systems as seen below.  Craig connected from his office in New Zealand to our office in New Jersey… A time saver.

Learn more about SuiteBox for Sugar in the following video:


To learn more about SuiteBox for Sugar, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to show it to you.

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