SugarCRM Updates Mobile Client for iPhone / iPad and Android

by Christian Wettre on July 17, 2013

This year SugarCRM added a brand new generation of  the SugarCRM Mobile client and it is getting 5 star reviews.    We highly recommend that you add this to your app collection.

The mobile application is available on the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

Make sure you search for 'SugarCRM' and download the app named just 'SugarCRM'.  There will also be a Sugar Mobile and Sugar Mobile Plus application available.  This is the previous generation so don't go there unless you are running an older version of SugarCRM than 6.7.

The app is very intuitive but in case you like to read the manual, you can find the manual here.

Cool feature: If you add a picture / image field to SugarCRM and expose it to the mobile client using Sugar Studio, your users will be able to upload pictures they have taken with this mobile phone cameras to SugarCRM.   Here is the use case:  your sales rep is visiting a client site and takes a picture of how your product is used at the client site.   That would be nice to have in SugarCRM!.  The rep can easily attach it to SugarCRM using this new mobile application.

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