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SugarCRM Time Tracking Integration to Toggl

by Katie Liesmann on December 10, 2015

3 minute read

If you’re an engineer, lawyer, or consultant you know the importance of timekeeping. For you, time is money. If you are in a position where your time isn’t billable, your time is still valuable and you can relate to the need to be efficient throughout your day.

No matter what time you’re tracking--a billable hour, your lunch break, or the amount of time you spend petting the office cat--you need a tool to help you track your time. We use a third-party timekeeping tool called Toggl throughout the company to track billable and nonbillable time. In order to sync information between Sugar and Toggl, and track total hours billed against a project, we decided to build an integration to Toggl.

Building an integration between these two tools has allowed us to combine the projects and cases modules in Sugar with the timekeeping capability and friendly user interface of Toggl. Syncing information between the two systems helps keep sales and engineers on the same page with a customer project.

So how does this integration work?

1. We create a project in Sugar in the Projects module.

create a project in Sugar in the Projects module - part 1

create a project in Sugar in the Projects module - part 2

2. Once the project is created, a Toggl project is automatically created and the Toggl project ID field in Sugar is populated.

Toggl project ID field in Sugar is populated

3. Next, we create a case in Sugar under the project. The cases, which represent specific to-do items under the project, sync to Toggl within the Toggl project that was created.

4. From Toggl, we select the Case within the Project we want to log time against.

log time  

log time

5. We then hit the start/stop button to log our time.

  start/stop button to log time start/stop button to log time

6. If this time is billable, we mark it accordingly by selecting the dollar sign symbol.

mark - dollar sign symbol

7. In Sugar, we go back to the Case we just added time to in Toggl. Within that case a note was automatically created to show the time log. Each note correlates to a time entry in Toggl and is associated with a specific case. There might be multiple notes in a case because an engineer might work on the case for one hour and then an additional three hours at a later time.

Each note correlates to a time entry in Toggl

Each note correlates to a time entry in Toggl

Tracking our time has benefits beyond billable hour accuracy. It improves productivity across our team because they focus on one task at a time. This online tool also creates consistency in each employee’s tracking method and rounds up according to how we bill for hours (i.e. 15 minute increments). On top of all that, having the information in Sugar allows us to report on project times and export status updates for our customers. Adios time sheets, hello productivity!