SugarCRM Support Site Updates

by Ellen True on May 4, 2017

3 minute read

SugarCRM has announced some recent updates to their Support Site. In addition to updating the look and feel, they have made functional changes that improve the site's usability:


Search has moved to the top header. It will remain accessible as you move through the site thanks to the headers sticking as you scroll.

Search Filters

Select filters to narrow your search results and find the content you need. If no options are selected within a filter box, results from all options will be shown. If two or more options within a box are selected, pages matching either option will return.

Default Version and Edition

The Version and Edition filters will default to the version and edition you've selected via the User menu. You can also make your selections via the search results page by clicking "Set Default" in the relevant boxes. In addition to improving searches, these settings control where you land when clicking smart links in our content.

User Menu

The User menu at the top right provides the following functionality:

  • Defaults : Select the version and edition of Sugar you use. This will automatically filter your search results as well as control where you land when clicking smart links in our content.
  • Case Portal : For support-authorized contacts, access your SugarCRM Support cases.
  • Profile : View and edit your user profile.
  • Log In / Log Out : Log into your account to leave page ratings as well as to access the case portal, downloads manager, etc.

Case Portal

The Case Portal is still easily accessible in the grey header. The portal can also be accessed via the User menu.

Persistent Headers

When you scroll, the top header will remain visible, making it easy to search or navigate elsewhere on the site. On pages showing a navigation tree and table of contents, the header of the left menu also now persists while the menu below it scrolls.

Check out the changes at and let us know what you think!

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