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SugarCRM Releases Sugar 7.9

by Katie Liesmann on May 23, 2017

3 minute read

Earlier this week Sugar 7.9 was released by SugarCRM. This updated version includes an entirely redesigned Quotes Module, as well as updates to Global Search, Advanced Workflows, and the Reports Module. Here’s our short and sweet summary of what’s new in Sugar 7.9:

  • A completely redesigned Quotes Module with the following new features:
    • Updated to utilize the intelligence panel (sidecar user interface)
    • Drag-and-drop line reordering of quoted line items and comments
    • Ability to perform mass actions to line items and comments such as delete or add to a group
    • Ability to search the product catalog by Category and Type (formerly could only search by Name)
    • Groups are now optional instead of required
    • Ability to save Quote PDFs from multiple views
    • Ability to include calculated fields in the Quotes Module

Redesigned Quotes Module Screen-Shot

  • Added functionality in the Advanced Workflow tool (Enterprise & Ultimate Editions only)
    • Start events can now be triggered by a field changing, or a field changing to or from a specified value (previously you could only trigger a start event when a field changes to a specific value).
    • Criteria can now be drag-and-dropped to rearrange them, or inserted in between other criteria. This is helpful if you forget to add an operator or other criteria element. Previously, if you wanted to insert an element, you’d have to delete the elements, add that inserted element, and then add back the deleted elements one at a time.
    • You can now trigger a workflow based on the user who changed the field or a related record, prior to this you could only base it on the user who was assigned to the record.
    • New text field comparators have been added, including "contains", "starts with", and "ends with". These are essentially new filter criteria you can apply to records you want to trigger workflows (e.g. “I want this workflow to trigger only on records whose name starts with Jane”).
  • Improved Global Search
    • You can now use the following operators while searching: “AND”, “OR”, and “NOT”.

Improved Global Search

  • Updated look for Reports list view
    • Updated to utilize the intelligence panel (sidecar user interface)
    • The fields “Description” and “Tags” are now available in the Reports list view

Updated look for Reports list view screen-shot

  • A new Help Pane
    • The help link in the footer of Sugar now opens up a “Help Pane”. The Help Pane includes useful links to learning resources. The “Support” and “Tour” links are now located in the Help Pane instead of in the footer.

While CRM software platforms typically focus on solely the sales manager, this update of Sugar shows that SugarCRM is also focusing on the CRM user. You can read the full release notes on Sugar 7.9 here.  

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