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SugarCRM Releases Mobile 4.1

by Katie Liesmann on February 6, 2017

2 minute read

At the end of January SugarCRM announced that it released Sugar Mobile version 4.1.0. There are four new features in the new edition of mobile and they all revolve around offline mode. In this blog post, we will discuss what offline mode is and then what new capabilities are included in 4.1.0.

Offline Functionality for SugarCRM Mobile

Offline mode was built for sales reps using mobile that need to access Sugar records while they have no connection to the internet. This scenario occurs when a field rep visits an Account or Contact who is located in a remote or rural area with limited cellular service. Or when they are traveling on an airplane and remember something they need to record in Sugar. The mobile device will cache records (up to a certain number per module) for offline viewing. It will also cache any offline changes you make to records and sync once you are reconnected to a cellular tower or internet service.

Changes in Mobile 4.1.0

The following changes are included in Sugar Mobile 4.1.0:

  • The first time a user logs in, they will be prompted to download their records for offline access.
  • The number of records that can be downloaded per module has increased. For Accounts and Contacts up to 3,000 records can be downloaded. For all other modules up to 1,000 records can be downloaded.
  • Bulk downloads of records are now performed in the background while the app is running. This way the user can simultaneously use the mobile app while downloads occur. The downloads pause when the mobile app is closed and will resume when the app is reopened
  • Once a module’s offline record limit is reached, less important records (older, no recent activity, less activity, not a favorite) are removed from the offline database

Sugar Mobile 4.1.0 can be downloaded today via your native app store. Click here to learn four reasons organizations opt to deploy a mobile CRM.

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