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SugarCRM Mobile: Adding a Photo From Your Phone

by Christian Wettre on November 26, 2013

5 minute read

If you have started using the excellent new SugarCRM mobile client, here is a feature you may have overlooked.

SugarCRM record layouts can be configured to include picture fields.  You can create as many picture fields as you need and place them anywhere on any record type.

This is often overlooked as limited to mugshots of your client contacts, but there are many other use cases, especially if you could add these pictures using your mobile phone while visiting clients and client sites.

As it happens, if you add a picture type field to a layout used on SugarCRM Mobile, you can use a photo taken with your mobile phone and save it to a SugarCRM record.  That leads us to some new use cases:

  • a realtor taking a picture of a building or property
  • a service technician taking a picture of a damaged piece of equipment and attaching it to a service ticket record
  • a distributor sales rep taking a picture of their product at a retail location
  • a sales rep taking a picture of a business card and attaching it to a contact record
  • a sales rep taking a picture of the client location where a piece of equipment needs to be install

If any of those use cases gives you an idea, here is how it is done:

  • As a SugarCRM administrator, go to SugarCRM Studio
  • Pick the module, where you want to add a picture or image field
  • Goto the fields listing for that module and add a new field, make it an Image field

  • Go to the Mobile Layouts folder and add the field to your module's view, Save and Deploy

  • So that you can see the picture in your normal browser client as well, add the field to your normal module layout view as well, Save and Deploy

To put this to a test

  • install SugarCRM Mobile on your phone, if you have already installed it, delete the app and reinstall it after any layout changes such as this

  • open SugarCRM Mobile on your phone
  • create or edit a record of your module type
  • navigate to your picture field
  • you will be given the option to take a photo now or use one stored on the phone

After you are done, check it out on your regular browser SugarCRM, it is a nice feature…

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