SugarCRM Mobile App 4.0.0: Better, Deeper, Prettier

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on September 7, 2016

Thanks to the smartphone revolution, the physical boundaries of the workplace have disappeared. SugarCRM Mobile 4.0.0 includes many new features and enhancements to allow for a best-in-class mobile application that enables productivity on the go, wherever CRM users happen to be.

In this latest release the following new features and enhancements have been added:

  • The user interface has received an update and now displays a lighter color scheme across most SugarCRM Mobile pages for a better user experience.
  • Deep Linking is now available, allowing links to be created that push a user directly into a record or page in SugarCRM Mobile.  Mobile deep links mean the user can click on a link and it will launch the SugarCRM Mobile app. For example, when a mobile device user receives a text or email message that contains a link to a Sugar record, you want the device to recognize the deep link and open the record via the SugarCRM Mobile app as opposed to the mobile browser. Deep linking can be used to perform many tasks, including viewing, creating, and editing records.

All existing installations of SugarCRM Mobile will be upgraded through the phone or tablet’s native upgrade functionality. Alternatively, upgrades can be performed by searching for “SugarCRM Mobile” in the application store for your device or using the following links:

To learn more about SugarCRM Mobile, we invite you to view our September 2016 Sugar User Group webinar archive where SugarCRM's Director of Product Management for SugarCRM Mobile gave an in-depth review of SugarCRM Mobile including:

  1. SugarCRM Mobile today — A review of the latest features and capabilities that have been released over the last few months including SugarCRM Mobile's updated user interface.
  2. Mobile Extensibility Roadmap — Discussion on current and future capabilities that will be added to SugarCRM Mobile.
  3. SugarCRM Mobile Q&A — Feedback from webinar participants on the latest changes including feature and capability requests to SugarCRM Mobile.

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Sarah Friedlander Garcia
Director of Marketing at W-Systems
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