SugarCRM Mobile 6.0 Adds the Ability to Convert Leads on the Go

by Katie Liesmann on October 24, 2017

SugarCRM released a highly requested feature in its mobile app with the General Availability of Sugar Mobile 6.0. Users can now convert leads within the mobile app.

Converting a lead in SugarCRM Mobile 6.0

Users can convert a lead by following the three steps below:

  1. Going to the relevant Lead record in the app and clicking convert button (on the far right of the available actions).
  2. Checking the lead information and making sure it looks correct, adding in new info if there is any, and selecting (or creating) the related Account record.
  3. Clicking the blue "Convert" button to finalize the Lead conversion action.

Sugar Mobile 6.0 became available on October 20th. To learn more about the new release or using Sugar Mobile, reach out to us.

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Katie Liesmann
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