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SugarCRM Mobile 5.0.0 and Mobile SDK Beta

by Paul Scondac on April 13, 2017

4 minute read

Earlier this month, SugarCRM Mobile received a major overhaul, with the release of SugarCRM Mobile 5.0.0 for both iOS and Android. The update also marks the release of the Sugar Mobile SDK Beta, which allows customers to customize the mobile app, similarly to how the desktop interface can be extended.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most important features and enhancements of SugarCRM Mobile 5.0.0, and the capabilities of Sugar Mobile SDK.

SugarCRM Mobile 5.0.0

New Login Screen

Right after starting the app, you’ll be able to see a more streamlined login screen (see image below). The iOS version of SugarCRM Mobile also supports Touch ID, which lets you use your fingerprint to quickly log into your Sugar instance.

Improved User Experience (UX)

The updated user interface (UI) lets you access the detail view by simply tapping on a record. Also, the detail view has also been redesigned to ease the way you access record information.

The following elements are available on detail view pages:

  • Previous Page: Tap the arrow on the top left to return to the page you last viewed.
  • Main Menu: Tap the three-bar icon on the top left to access the main menu.
  • More Actions Menu: The following actions are available by tapping the vertical ellipsis icon on the top right:  
    • Edit: Modify the values of this record.
    • Duplicate: Make a new record with the same field values as this record. 
    • Link Existing Record: Relate an existing record to this record.
    • Create Related Record: Create a new record and relate it to this record.
    • Share: Send a link to this record using the sharing options available on your device.
  • Favorites Designation: Tap the Star icon to toggle whether a record is marked as a favorite for your user. A solid white star indicates it is a favorite.
  • Record Actions: The context-sensitive menu of actions will differ based on the type of record and the fields it has populated.
  • Record Tabs: The tabs below the Record Actions menu provide the following information and functionality. Each is described in greater detail in the following sections.
    • Details: View the record's field values.
    • Related: View, edit, and create records related to the current record.
    • Dashboards: See the dashboards you configured to appear on this module's record view.
    • Activity Stream: The Activity Stream tab displays recent activity on this record and allows you to add comments or posts.

Sugar Mobile SDK

With SugarCRM Mobile 5.0.0, Sugar developers can customize the mobile app to cater to their customers’ needs. This brings a level of customization options, like the desktop experience.

The SDK has public API to facilitate rendering of the following UI components:

  • Custom fields
  • Custom views and layouts
  • Custom dashlets
  • Custom record actions
  • Custom menu items

Below are some examples of how you can customize SugarCRM Mobile:

Sugar Mobile SDK is currently in the beta phase. An official release is expected mid-2017.

To see a full list of changes in SugarCRM Mobile 5.0.0, read the release notes for iOS or Android. If you would like to download SugarCRM Mobile, it is available on the Apple App Store, or on the Google Play Store.

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