SugarCRM Integration with MediaWiki

by James McGirr on October 14, 2009

Recently we wanted to integrate MediaWiki with SugarCRM such that when you log in to Sugar, you are automatically authenticated in MediaWiki and do not need to log in twice. MediaWiki has a nice little extension called Auth_viaMySQL that will automatically Authenticate (Login) a user with data provided from an existing MySQL database. Since SugarCRM uses MySQL, this seemed perfect.

After installing MediaWiki and setting up the extension, we also configured MediaWiki so that only authenticated users could read and access it. In other words, no one from the outside could log in, create an account or even browse the wiki. Finally, in SugarCRM, we created two logic hooks (one on login, and one on logout) to do the authenticating and logging out of the wiki. Finally, to integrate it better with SugarCRM, we used the MyPortal Module to iFrame it directly into Sugar with its own tab.

SugarCRM Integration with MediaWiki

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