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SugarCRM Integration in Less than 10 Minutes

by Amanda Anderson on April 18, 2013

3 minute read

SugarCRM’s annual conference, SugarCon, was last week in New York. We spent months planning for the event and were juggling dozens of things to get ready for it. Anything from booking flights, to writing infosheets, to finalizing our new hosting platform, all had to be done by Monday, April 8th. Somehow, we managed to pull everything together in time... well, almost everything.

  W-Systems Team

On the first day of the conference, the expo area opened at 4:30 PM. It was 4:05 PM and I was turning on the laptop that was connected to a large TV, where we planned to showcase our QuickBooks integration for SugarCRM. I then realized that we did not have a Sugar system ready to go with the QuickBooks integration installed. The one we did have setup was being used for development by our engineers. It was the one SugarCon "to-do" item that slipped through the cracks. I quickly emailed our support team to get login credentials to a blank Sugar instance and had them load dummy data into the system. Then I went on Intuit’s website and signed up for a free trial of QuickBooks Online. Once I had the Sugar system and QuickBooks account ready, I could then install the integration. I went to the Intuit App Center (where our integration is listed) downloaded the plugin, connected the two systems, and configured my sync preferences.

Exactly 10 minutes later, at 4:15 PM, the integration was set up, the first data sync was complete, and we were ready to start showing live demos of our QuickBooks integration to SugarCon attendees.

During previous QuickBooks integration demos to customers, I’ve always said the integration was quick to install and configure, but I had no idea it could be done this fast. Since our integration comes with a 30-day free trial, I didn’t have to waste time entering any credit card information. I was up and running in 10 minutes!

The rest of the conference went great and we successfully demoed both our QuickBooks integration and our SugarCRM hosting platform at our booth. To learn more about W-Systems’s QuickBooks integration, reach out to us here.

W-Systems' QuickBooks Integration for SugarCRM was discontinued in March 2018.

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