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SugarCRM in the Next 10 Years

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on March 5, 2015

6 minute read

As we come up on the ten year anniversary of SugarCRM, I want to reflect on some of the great achievements made by the users, customers, partners, employees and the community as a whole around SugarCRM.  We have created a movement that has radically changed the world of customer relationship management, propelling SugarCRM to being one of the top CRM solutions in the world continuously measured against the likes of Salesforce and Microsoft.  Over 1.4M people rely on Sugar today in 120 countries and operating in more than 26 languages.  Open Source CRM has made an indelible mark on the world of business applications.

We thank every Sugar user who has helped make these past 10 years a tremendous success for us all.

In recent years, we have also put much thought into our mission as a company and how open source fits into that mission.  Open source, software-as-a-service and subscription billing have all radically changed the software landscape these past 10 years.  These are three different, but interconnected, paths to delivering world-class business solutions for our customers; solutions that give our customers control over their IT destiny.  We see open source as a critical component of continuing to deliver that control to our customers, but we also believe our primary mission is to deliver world-class CRM solutions to companies of all sizes around the world.  Our mission is about CRM first.

This of course has raised questions about the strategy here at SugarCRM regarding open source CRM.  As many have noted, we have not released a version 7 of the open source licensed Sugar Community Edition while we have done so over the past three months for the commercial Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate editions.  This is a conscious decision that represents the evolution SugarCRM is undergoing.  

In the course of the past five years, we have surveyed tens of thousands of Sugar Community Edition users and found that we see two types of users of Sugar Community Edition: 1) developers that wish to build on an open source CRM platform, and 2) users, generally first time CRM users, that are looking for a free/inexpensive CRM solution.  We don’t believe that the current Sugar Community Edition serves both audiences effectively.  We envision an open source solution targeted exclusively for developers.  And, we also envision a simpler way for first-time CRM users to find and use CRM. 

Several options related to version 7 of Sugar are under evaluation to better serve open source developers and first-time CRM users.  As a result, SugarCRM will continue to support, maintain and deliver the open source Sugar Community Edition with version 6.5, but has no plans at this time to release a version 7.  

We welcome your input on how you would like to see us deliver these next solutions for the two audiences.  Over the course of the months ahead, we look forward to defining and introducing the next era of CRM leveraging your feedback.

Clint Oram, CTO & Co-Founder
SugarCRM Inc. and SugarCRM Open Source Project

This originally appeared as an Announcement on the SugarCRM Community Forums.

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