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SugarCRM Hint: A Relationship Intelligence Service

by Paul Scondac on June 27, 2017

2 minute read

Today’s CRMs require you to spend a lot of time researching information on leads. Between past interactions, industry research, social profile matching, a thorough search on potential customers, plus copying and pasting data in Sugar can take up to one hour or more.

SugarCRM Hint, the debut product in the new SugarCRM Relationship Intelligence product line, reinvents enterprise applications, automating the gathering of vast amounts of customer information. 

Hint requires minimum data input and enables your sales, marketing or service teams to get a full social profile of their customers or leads.

Sugar users need to only provide a record’s name and email address, after which they can:

  • Gather, analyze and display relevant customer intelligence from more than 70 data sources. Hint automatically searches and finely tunes and builds a personal and corporate profile of a contact.
  • Import Hint data into the Sugar record in one click, storing timely and precise information in Sugar.
  • View CRM activity history with a contact, including all calls, meetings and email exchanges.

Hint uses a broad range of data sources for gathering and analyzing customer intelligence, significantly speeding up the time Sugar users spend on customer research.

SugarCRM Hint is compatible with Sugar 7.8 and newer releases. It is available for an introductory price of $15 per user, per month for unlimited customer data. SugarCRM Hint is currently available for sale in the United States with coverage in more regions coming in the near future.

For more information, visit www.sugarcrm.com/hint.