Sugar Gauge Dashlets

by Christian Wettre on February 27, 2015

3 minute read

We have been on a tear lately creating dashboards and custom dashlet components for Sugar.

In this example we have created a configurable gauge chart dashlet. A gauge chart is commonly used for measuring actual results against some predetermined goal ranges. For instance it could be a measure of daily outbound phone calls for an inside sales team or, as in the example below, a measure of monthly leads produced by the marketing team and delivered to the sales team.

We wanted the gauge chart to be highly configurable against any Sugar data. In the configuration screen below you will see how you can configure the gauge to measure information from any selected module and applied module list view filter. You can select any numeric field from the module and use a count, sum, average, maximum or minimum aggregate values as your result measurement. You can set gauge range names and colors to customize the terminology and look of the chart.

This chart object is freely available to any W-Systems Sugar customer. Contact us if you would like us to deploy it for you.

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