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SugarCRM App of the Month: SugarField

by Christian Wettre on January 14, 2013

5 minute read

Each month, the SugarCRM community picks an app to highlight as a new favorite among Sugar users. This January, the SugarCRM app of the month is an app that is designed to make file sharing easier for SugarCRM users.

As you may know, SugarCRM allows users to upload files from their local computer to any area of SugarCRM.  Files can be linked to accounts, contacts, opportunities, customer service cases, meeting notes, and to any other data-object imaginable.  With Sugar, it’s easy for a user to create a new document and then point to a file on their local computer to upload it.  With the app, employees can easily access their own cloud based file storage services such Dropbox, Google Drive, Sharepoint, etc., and can upload files into sugar from those services rather than their local drive.

In an interview, Anand Dass, Developer Evangelist and Co-Founder of has stated that he recognized that file sharing and collaboration with fellow employees, suppliers, and customers was more difficult for those who were bringing their own laptops into the office. He also noticed that it was difficult to work with data strewn across many different accounts.

Constantly downloading and uploading content back and forth is always a hassle, no matter what software you’re using. So Anand and his team designed the SugarField integration to solve the problem, and now SugarCRM users can easily select files from any of their cloud storage locations to upload and share with their colleagues.

There are other integrations that allow a SugarCRM administrator to integrate cloud based storage directly into SugarCRM.  The popular Box service has native integration to SugarCRM, and there is a very strong set of third-party integrations available from InetSynx that allow native integration to Box, Dropbox, Huddle, KnowledgeTree, and Alfresco. If your organization tends to store a lot of large documents in SugarCRM, then these tools and integrations provide an inexpensive cloud based storage mechanism directly integrated to SugarCRM.

Keep an eye on SugarForge and SugarExchange for the progress of these and other interesting extensions to the SugarCRM platform.

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