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New SugarCRM Release Schedule Will Provide Predictable Product Updates

by Katie Liesmann on September 28, 2017

3 minute read

Earlier this month SugarCRM announced that is adopting a new release process for it’s Sugar product. This new release schedule adopts industry best practices that will have benefits for SugarCRM customers using both on-demand and on-premise instances. Keep reading to learn what this new release schedule means for you as a Sugar customer.

What is the New SugarCRM Release Schedule?

The new release process entails a quarterly release for Sugar On-Demand customers and a yearly release for Sugar on-premise customers. The quarterly On-Demand releases will all roll up into one annual release for Sugar on-premise customers. The first of these releases will be the "Fall '17" release on October 20th, 2017.

What Does this Mean for my On-Demand Instance?

For customers using SugarCRM's hosting platform, called On-Demand, this new release schedule will provide you with predictability and more frequent product innovation. In recent history, SugarCRM has been pushing releases on average two to three times a year to On-Demand customers. The new release schedule provides you with a predefined release schedule so you can be more prepared for each upgrade. The shorter intervals between releases mean that you can count on more frequent product innovation as the value will be added with each quarterly release.

What Does this Mean for My On-Premise Instance?

For users of a self-hosted platform, you will be facing bigger upgrades since you'll have one major release available to you each year. If you have a highly customized instance of SugarCRM, this could mean things are more likely to break. But being an on-premise customer also means that you get to control when you are upgraded - so you can do so at your own pace and requirements. When you choose to upgrade, you can assure that it will be stable and reliable, because it's been tested by On-Demand customers who received the releases before you. This new SugarCRM release schedule will allow W-Systems to better align its services with the SugarCRM product offering. You can read SugarCRM’s announcement on the new product release schedule here.