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SugarCRM Activity Streams

by Amanda Anderson on June 10, 2014

3 minute read

SugarCRM’s version 7 was built on a completely new framework. One of the major feature enhancements involved Sugar’s Activity Stream, formerly known as a “Newsfeed” in earlier releases of the version 6 product.

Sugar’s Activity Stream enables users to collaborate with each other in the CRM system by posting comments and sharing documents or videos. It also increases transparency within each record’s activity such as call logs, notes, and linking of other records.

Some of the key features include:

Drag and Drop File Sharing

Sugar’s Activity Stream in version 7 allows users to quickly drag and drop files into a post. The file is saved in the Notes module and is related to the record it was created in.

Drag and Drop File Sharing

User and Record Referencing in Posts

When posting a comment, you can reference another record in Sugar by using the hashtag “#” symbol. If you are commenting on a case record called “Quick Question”, then you would type, #Quick Question. As you start to type, Sugar will populate a list of records that match what you’ve typed thus far. Naming conventions become even more important when used in Activity Streams. We suggest using the Account name first at the beginning when naming records in modules like Cases and Opportunities (Ex: Account Name - Case Name). For cases, it may also be helpful to label by case number. By doing this, you can easily find the correct record when using the # tag and also in Sugar’s related fields.

In addition to referencing records, you can use the @ symbol to reference another Sugar user. This is a great way to post quick comments to a coworker without the need for email. The communication remains on the record and is archived in the system. If you need to include the user, Jim Brennan, you would type, @Jim Brennan. Sugar will populate a list of users that match what you’ve typed thus far, the same way the # symbol works for records.

 User and Record Referencing in Posts

Activity Stream View on Individual Records

In version 6, Activity Streams only existed as a dashboard and displayed system-wide activity. In version 7, the global Activity Stream can be accessed from the cube in the upper left navigation bar. There is also an Activity Stream view on each individual record. The Activity Stream within a record only shows the relevant activity for that particular record. This makes communicating through the Activity Stream more useful and is easier to see the activity that pertains to the record you are currently viewing.

For more information about Sugar 7, contact us today. To see a demo of Sugar’s Activity Streams, click here.

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