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SugarCRM Accelerates AI Delivery After Acquiring Node

by Mihaela Bulacu on August 26, 2020

4 minute read

On August 24th, the tech world was excited to learn about SugarCRM’s acquisition of Node, a California-based Artificial Intelligence start-up. What does this mean for clients, partners, and collaborators?

The acquisition was closed on August 24th.

It means that SugarCRM’s products, Sugar Sell, Sugar Serve, and Sugar Market, will soon take advantage of Node's AI for accurate business analytics, prediction capabilities, and higher-value business insights. The acquisition aligns with SugarCRM’s new goal for the company: to deliver a high-definition customer experience (HD-CX) to companies of all sizes and, thus, democratize AI accessibility.

Sugar is democratizing AI, ushering in a new frontier in CX with its powerful combination of AI, time-aware and data enrichment, to drive business performance and enable predictability for companies of all sizes.

Craig Charlton, CEO of SugarCRM

Node - Who Are They And What Do They Do?

Just like SugarCRM, Node is a pioneer in its own niche. The company has created the first AI-as-a-Service platform to help businesses leverage AI applications and features without the expected costs, risks, and time traditionally involved in implementing such solutions.

Node has succeeded in helping clients generate contextual data through aggregating customer information with data gathered from public sources: companies, people, markets, thus achieving excellence in data accuracy, even in lack of complete CRM information.

Why SugarCRM and Node?

The acquisition's appeal consisted specifically in the converging points between the two businesses' values and focus: using customer and people data, and leveraging AI for novel applications that can be used to elevate and bring a touch of sophistication to customer relationship management. 

As SugarCRM partners, we believe this fusion is an opportunity especially for the customer-facing client, who will now have quick and easy access to complete outlooks on the market and its needs.

The SugarCRM + AI Era - What to Expect?

In SugarCRM’s case, the future is now. However, let’s see what the future holds for the company’s clients: 

  • SugarCRM will now help you identify customers most likely to churn. The new AI applications deliver an information-rich context that allows companies to strategically remediate and enhance customer interactions.
  • Predicting the likelihood to convert from lead scoring models. With the new AI capabilities, customers will have the tools to adjust their lead scoring strategies.
  • Insight-driven forecasting and predictions. SugarCRM will now offer accelerated revenue analytics and forecasts for higher quota attainment and sales close monitoring.
  • Accurate cross-selling opportunities. Powered by AI, SugarCRM’s clients will now be able to quickly identify add-on or product cross-selling opportunities for clients in different customer journey phases.
  • Marketing attribution capabilities. Using Sugar Market, customers will have more context on their level of contribution to closed deals.
  • Augmented customer engagement models. Customers should expect to witness increased efficiency from their customer support representatives, thanks to the new AI models for predictive case routing and contextual data.

This announcement is just the beginning of a new era for Sugar and Node. Keep your eyes peeled for more content that will teach you how to leverage SugarCRM's new AI-powered CX platform, services, and applications. Until then, contact us for your daily dose of Sugar, AI insights, and learn how this new technology can turn into a business game-changer for you!