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SugarCRM 7.11 Release Introduces New Look & Feel

by Katie Liesmann on January 28, 2018

4 minute read

SugarCRM has always focused on providing users with a modern and user-friendly design. SugarCRM continues to work towards those goals as it introduces a new interface, actionable drill through reports, and a new product catalog dashlet in Sugar 7.11 (also known as Winter ‘18). Keep reading to learn about these enhancements in more detail.

New User Interface

The new user interface in Winter ‘18 has a new look with bright colors and an approachable, modern feel. The new design is focused on being simpler, friendlier, and more intuitively guided.

New User Interface 

The preview of records within the intelligence pane has been updated to make more efficient use of the space available within the intelligence panel.

The look and feel now matches Sugar’s Mobile app, which means user experiences will be more consistent as users switch between the desktop and mobile applications.

Sugar’s Mobile app

The changes to the interface in 7.11 are almost all cosmetic. The only change to a layout is within the preview panel. This means that upgrades are less likely to be complicated for the majority of organizations using SugarCRM 7.10.

Actionable Drill-Through Charts

The last release of Sugar incorporated drill-through charts, but it didn’t allow you the ability to take any actions once you were in drill-down view. Now when you drill-down you can take standard list-view actions on records without leaving the page (for example: edit an Opportunity, convert a lead, or do inline editing). Have you ever been in a meeting where your team shares dashlet graphs and something looks off? Instead of saying “let’s come back to it later”, your team can instantly view the data details and see if something actually is unusual with the data or update anything to make the dashlet graphs more accurate if necessary.

Actionable Drill-Through Charts

Product Catalog Dashlet

There is a new product catalog dashlet within the Quote create and Quote record views which allows you to click on products in the dashlet and quickly add them to a Quote. The catalog is a visual representation of all your products within the intelligence panel. Users can locate products manually or by using the search bar within the dashlet.

Product Catalog Dashlet

Other updates include:

  • Ability to create a new quote by duplicating an existing quote
  • A new option has been added to the filter on Emails list view to filter on emails with attachments
  • Users can now use Sugar to forward archived email messages to recipients (the user must have their outbound email configured in settings)
  • The saved report dashlet now features a “View Report” link, so the user can click-through to the related report’s detail view from the dashlet
  • Advanced Workflows now has the capability to listen for a field changing to/from specific values (i.e. lead status changes from new to dead)

This release is for On-Demand hosted customers only. If you’re hosted in Sugar’s On-Demand environment, you will hear from Sugar within the next few weeks about your automatic upgrade. In the meantime, you can read the full release notes here. W-Systems blog readers heard about these changes over a month ago when we announced it in our newsletter! To make sure you don’t miss relevant and timely news updates, sign up for our monthly SugarCRM email update here.