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SugarConnection: The Exclusive Event for SugarCRM Customers

by Katie Liesmann on July 25, 2019

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In February, SugarCRM announced the appointment of a new CEO, Craig Charlton. Following this news came several other announcements. One of those changes is a new event, known as SugarConnection

In past years, SugarCRM has traditionally hosted an annual conference known as SugarCon. While it’s unclear whether this marks the end of SugarCon or not, one thing is clear: 2019 is a big year for SugarCRM. Keep reading for more information on what to expect at SugarConnection.

Location, Location, Location

Literally—multiple locations! Wherever you are in the world, there is a SugarConnection event for you. This year the events will be in the following cities and dates:

  • San Francisco on August 6th
  • Boston on September 25th
  • Paris on October 23rd
  • Mexico City on November 6th

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A Customers Only Event

SugarConnection is an exclusive, intimate event intended to provide you a place to connect with other Sugar Users of SugarCRM. Here at W-Systems, we host regular Sugar User Group webinars that have this same goal, so if you are familiar with those, you could think of this event as a kick-butt, in-person Sugar User Group with amped-up speakers and a first look at the “New Sugar”.

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Speakers with Inside Knowledge

Among the agenda lineup of networking, panels, and break out sessions, three speakers stand out. 

  1. You’ll get the first public opportunity to hear from SugarCRM’s new CEO, Craig Charlton. He’ll be talking about SugarCRM’s new strategy, new brand, and new products. Based on what we have heard from Craig so far, we expect nothing less than an inspirational look into Sugar’s future.
  2. Rich Green, CPO & CTO, will dive into the product roadmap. Since this is a customers only event, Green won’t focus on bells and whistles, but instead on the elements in the product roadmap that are going to drive real business results for you. This likely includes some products and features that customers such as you have been requesting and are helping shape.
  3. You’ll also hear from Chris Pennington, CCO of SugarCRM. Pennington is going to be talking about driving customer loyalty by focusing on exceptional customer service. You can expect real-life Sugar customers to be on stage with Pennington talking about their experiences with Sugar. 

Concluding Thoughts

SugarCRM is sending a clear message that they want to create intimate connections with customers like you and gain your loyalty. Whether you are a system admin, a C-level executive, or a departmental manager, this event was made for you as a SugarCRM customer. We’ll be sponsoring the SugarConnection in Boston on September 25th and hope to see you in person. Click here to see the full agenda and let us know if you have any questions about attending SugarConnection.