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SugarConnection Boston 2019 Recap

by Mihaela Bulacu on October 3, 2019

7 minute read

On September 25th, we welcomed SugarCRM’s loyal clientele to SugarConnection in Boston. With a new CEO and a ton of fresh changes, SugarConnection 2019 welcomed the company’s customers in a friendly and quite intimate atmosphere - with 96 customers in attendance, 62% had been using Sugar for well over five years.

W-Systems was one of the sponsors of SugarConnection Boston 2019, and we would like to give you a rundown of the most exciting announcements, topics, and sessions. Read on to find out how SugarConnection went!

Boston SugarCRM SugarConnection 2019 conference room

With opening comments by Melissa Sargeant, CMO at SugarCRM, and a fresh view on the new products and hot changes by Craig Charlton, the new company CEO, the event met all our clients’ goals and objectives. 

W-Systems Booth

As a sponsor of SugarConnection Boston, W-Systems brought the #CRMBoss vibe to SugarConnection with our popular coffee mugs. 

SugarConnection mug

At our booth, we demoed our Sugar Add-Ons and Integrations to customers looking at how to best continue to extend Sugar within their organization. Fun fact: our most popular demos at SugarConnection this year were our wMaps and Sugar Connector to DocuSign products.

W-Systems booth at the SugarCRM SugarConnection Boston 2019

The New Sugar - Better, Faster, Stronger

Just as Craig Charlton explained, the timing is perfect for the changes brought to the company’s already existing products, but also for the fresh releases of 2019: Sugar Discover and Sugar Connect. But Sugar’s vision and mission are also fresh out of the oven. 

Craig Charlton speaking at the SugarCRM SugarConnection Boston 2019 conference

What does Sugar want to achieve with the new change? Well, hear us out, because it’s thrilling.

  • Sugar wants to help you get customers for life - this is why the new Intelligent Customer Experience (CX) Platform was created. The vision of the new product line will help you get a glimpse of your customers’ needs before they even know those exist. Magic? Nah, it’s just the tool! The interface will help you get actionable insights from all that data you gather on your clients. Which, in return, will help you be one step ahead and anticipate their ever-changing needs.
  • Sugar will help you save time, thanks to the new focus on No-Touch Information Management. Forget about manually entering data and finding the data you need, and let the system do the job for you. Focus on those tricky parts of your business that keep you up at night, instead. 
  • Come to the Cloud Side; there are no limits! Jokes aside, Craig strongly believes in the unlimited power of the Cloud and wants all loyal clients and future collaborators to leverage its impressive power. Continuous Cloud Innovation is a new native AWS application, and it’s one of the most powerful, intuitive and, as he explains, future-proof applications out there. 

Besides the new strategy, SugarCRM’s product portfolio has also undergone some long-anticipated changes. The release of two new products was announced for October 2019: Sugar Connect, formerly known as Collabspot, and Sugar Discover. 

Sugar Connect

Sugar Connect logo and Mobile

Sugar Connect aims to help all customer-facing teams like yours improve customer interactions right from their inbox. Sugar Connect offers access to all critical data your sales and support teams might need during sensitive interactions with customers. Use Sugar Connect to synchronize your Google G Suite or Microsoft Office 365 accounts with Sugar Sell, Enterprise, Serve, and Pro; access your calendar, email, contacts, and tasks; really, the possibilities are endless. What does Sugar Connect promise to offer?

  • 360-degree customer view - see and access all the information available on all your clients, analyze leads, sales opportunities, and more, straight from your email app. Sugar Connect lets you update your Sugar Serve and Sell accounts. You can quickly delete, add, or update records. You can also get a look at all customer email interactions, access, and use CRM email templates. Easy peasy, right?
  • Simplified data entry. The No-Touch Information Management interface allows you to focus on high-value tasks because Sugar Connect will take care of the rest. Archive inbound and outbound emails, automate the archiving process by telling the system to which Opportunity, Contact, or Account the archive should be sent to and sync calendars, and access those from a single interface, and more.
  • Easy CRM integration - you can access your entire Sugar suite without ever leaving your email. Sugar Connect lets you integrate all your favorite CRM products, no matter what email services you use: Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite, Windows Outlook, or macOS Outlook. 

Sugar Connect’s Key Benefits

Because Craig Charlton already explained that Sugar’s new vision and mission focus on attracting and retaining customers “for life,” the new product aims to support this fresh approach.

So, here’s what the new Sugar Connect will help you achieve:

  • Drive more sales and learn from your company’s losses, thanks to the detailed insights.
  • Shorter resolution times of all your support cases.
  • Boost your sales and support teams’ productivity. 
  • Improved end-user adoption of the new CX interface.

Sugar Discover

Sugar Discover logo  and screenshot on iMac

The new Sugar Discover system is an analytics tool that lets you get better insights on your data. With Sugar Discover, you can extract and analyze data from your Sugar suite and use it in your decision-making process. You can get a glimpse into your company’s key performance indicators and metrics, receive alerts when those get off the rails (below or above the target), and identify patterns in data. All without hiring pricey technical resources; our average Sugar user can tackle everything on their own. 

Sugar Discover’s Key Advantages

  • Allows your teams to focus on high-value tasks and leave the technical part to Sugar Discover.  
  • More easily identify marketing and sales opportunities. 
  • Improve the decision-making process by leveraging data - Discovery Insights.
  • Reduce your company’s expenses. You can now analyze data and process all the information you hold, on a budget. 

Sugar Product Roadmap

Rich Green, CTO and CPO at SugarCRM took the stage to review the SugarCloud Roadmap and show a look at what is coming to Sugar in the future. At W-Systems, we are most excited  by the following features:

  • Added SLA Reporting and Time Tracking to Streamline Operations 

SLA Reporting and Time Tracking picture

  • Visualize Flows with a Redesigned Nurture Builder in Sugar Market (our marketing team is looking forward to this!)

Visualize Flows with a Redesigned Nurture Builder in Sugar Market

  • Improved Seller Efficiency with Sales Console

Sugar Sales Console screenshot

Scott Stratten, the Sales and Marketing Truth Slayer

To close out SugarConnection, nothing could have come close to the energy that, Scott Stratten, a best-selling author and Top 5 Media Influencer, brought to the stage as he delivered his unconventional “unmarketing” views and approach to building and maintaining real customer relationships (and with humor too!). If you want to learn more about Scott and his unconventional, but effective sales and marketing techniques, read our blog post about him.

Scott Stratten speaking at the SugarCRM SugarConnection Boston 2019

Concluding Thoughts

2019 has been a big year for SugarCRM, and we are excited to see the return of SugarCRM’s “mojo.” We were thrilled to experience the event firsthand, as the product line continues to boost the customer-facing abilities of each company that uses or plans to use SugarCRM products. Contact us today to learn more about SugarCRM or W-Systems.

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