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SugarConnected 2020 Recap: The Next Frontier in Customer Experience

by Mihaela Bulacu on October 20, 2020

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Last year, SugarCRM welcomed its US-based customers and partners in Boston, at the first edition of their SugarConnect conference. This year, the entire event was held online while keeping its bells and whistles. SugarConnected 2020 featured new announcements and sessions, and welcomed attendees from North America and worldwide. 

As SugarCRM Elite Partners, there were plenty of reasons to be excited about SugarConnected 2020. Here’s a roundup of some of the best news, announcements, and sessions of this year’s convention.

SugarCRM 2020 Recap

Craig Charlton, CEO at SugarCRM, broke some big news at the beginning of the event. 

The company acquired just over 140 new customers in 2020, the new Sugar Club was launched, the company preserved its 90+ Net Promoter Score (NPS) scoring on transactional support, and the SugarCRM team has expanded significantly since last year. The acquisition of Node will bring AI capabilities to Sugar’s products. SugarCRM also launched the New Voice of the Customer Surveys and a new Customer Advisory Board in 2020; all these strategic moves enable the company to push the limits of Customer Experience (CX). 

While all the above are great news for Sugar, the real game-changer in 2020 and beyond is SugarCRM’s Node acquisition, as Craig Charlton explains.

The Next Frontier in Customer Experience

Although the company already invested in a 360-degree CX vision in 2019, Node’s AI capabilities can map customer behavior based on CRM and open-source data, as proven in a challenge.

In 2020, SugarCRM acquired Node, an AI startup.

The new time-aware CX platform will bridge the gap between Sugar’s past and present analytics and situational awareness capabilities and its goal to extend these capabilities to predict the future accurately. What does this mean for Sugar, partners, and customers? A significant competitive advantage, given the fact that Sugar Sell, Sugar Serve, and Sugar Market will all generate contextual data for complex, time-aware business decisions. 

How will the new HD-CX platform help clients improve and give a competitive edge to their business?

  • It will help them drive performance, awareness, increase revenue, lower costs, and reduce churn.
  • It will enable predictability, forecasting, trend mapping, and issue identification.
  • It will help them build upon current value propositions.
  • It will help them create premium products and enter new market segments.

HD-CX - The Power of Fidelity

David Campbell’s (Vice President at SugarCRM) session may be one of the most enticing in the conference. Together with David, we took a deep dive into SugarCRM’s next frontier in customer experience, a strategy developed to boost customer fidelity. The three most popular products from Sugar will soon be enhanced with HD-CX, courtesy to Node’s AI capabilities. Sugar Sell, Sugar Serve, and Sugar Market are now part of a new vision, the HD-CX Engagement Model. This new engagement model will generate several core advantages for customers: 

  • The new HD-CX platform will offer Sugar customers a single, time-aware customer view, consolidating customer interactions.
  • Will help your company better integrate cross-departmental processes for streamlined operations.
  • Enables coordinated engagement.

Let’s see how each key-department in your business will leverage Sugar’s new AI power for the ultimate customer experience and higher fidelity levels from your customers.


Your Marketing department is the first to contact prospects and spark their interest in your company’s products or services. But fidelity can bring a lot more to the table and enable your marketers to expand their capabilities.

The new HD-CX engagement model will help marketers identify new market segments, high-value leads, and opportunities that generate conversions. Thanks to Sugar Market's unique potential to extract complete data from multiple sources, analyze and interpret it, Segment Opportunity Analysis will now become more accurate. For example, your Marketing department will now be able to successfully identify high-potential market segments that need to be targeted in future marketing attempts.

The new AI-powered platform will help marketers better segment and target their audiences.

The new HD-CX model will identify successful customers' attributes, reducing the time, costs, and resources invested in the process.

Once identified, your Marketing department can target the contacts and nurture them into leads. Sugar Market’s Nurture Builder 2.0, the new nurture builder from Sugar, has an intuitive interface and easy drag-and-drop functions that offer enough nurture flow customization and segmentation capabilities to help your team touch the right contact with the right message at the right time.

The new Nurture Builder from SugarCRM will also receive a kick, thanks to Node's AI capabilities.


Your Sales department will also be empowered to make informed calls, contextual decisions, and reach that sweet spot of profitable deals.

The new HD-CX platform is designed to enable your sales reps and sales managers to turn leads into deals by helping them prioritize high-potential opportunities. Sugar will offer a complete overview of each opportunity record, the main drivers that led to its qualification, and what products or services tickled their interest during marketing interactions.

Sugar Sell will now enable your sales reps turn leads into deals.

Sugar's new AI potential will offer high-value suggestions for your sales reps' next steps to achieve successful conversions and enhance your company's forecasting capabilities.

Customer Services

The Customer Services department defines how your customers see and interact with you as a brand. And obviously, you want to make a good impression. According to David Campbell, the new HD-CX platform will help customer representatives build a better relationship with clients through chat and voice-based interactions.

Sugar Serve has been recently enriched with SugarLive, an omnichannel communication tool.

Sugar Serve has been recently updated with SugarLive, an omnichannel communication tool that enables customers to contact service teams via chat or phone. All of these conversations will be linked to Sugar Serve’s Service Console for a complete overview of each support inquiry. 

The Power of Deep Learning

Rich Green, Chief Product and CTO at SugarCRM, highlighted the power of Deep Learning, algorithms, and their applications in CRM. According to Rich, AI and Deep Learning can help you understand what is currently going on in your business and predict future trends. Such algorithms are currently being integrated with Sugar Sell, Sugar Serve, and Sugar Market, and will help your company predict what your customer’s next moves and expectations are, without them even being aware of it.

Deep Learning also plays a huge role in Sugar's vision for 2021.

Ignore Your Customers (And They’ll Go Away)

Micah Solomon was present at this year’s SugarConnected. He is a Customer Experience Expert, contributor to Forbes, keynote speaker, and successful author of 5 books on Customer Experience. At the end of the event, 50 lucky attendees won a copy of Micah Solomon’s new book, Ignore Your Customers (And They’ll Go Away).

Micah Solomon was also present at this year's SugarConnected.

We learned quite a few facts about customer experience disguised as the new marketing, the importance of word-of-mouth advertising, and the core principles companies need to follow to bond with their customers and deliver moments, not products.

If you want to learn more about Micah Solomon and his new release, Ignore Your Customers (And They’ll Go Away), visit his official website.

That’s a Wrap!

2020 came with big changes for SugarCRM, its clients, and partners (including us, yay!). AI and Deep Learning models are the next best thing in Customer Experience, and Sugar will now leverage their full potential.

Want to learn more about Sugar products? Get in touch with us — we are SugarCRM Elite Partners and we know everything Sugar!

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