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SugarCon 2018: Day 2 Recap

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia & Katie Liesmann & Paul Scondac on October 11, 2018

4 minute read

SugarCon 2018 Day 1 was full of keynotes, sessions, announcements, great guest speakers, a magician, and so much more. But before we say goodbye, let’s take a look at all the cool things from Day Two!

Morning Keynotes

Maribel Lopez kicked off the morning keynotes and introduced Clint Oram, SugarCRM’s CMO and Co-Founder, to discuss their largest CRM deployment - 80,000 users - with Danny Barnett, Leader of Sales and Marketing Solutions at IBM, and announced that they have successfully moved IBM to Sugar Cloud (formerly known as On Demand).

Zac Sprackett, VP of DevOps from SugarCRM confided in the audience that he only buys travel size toothpaste. How does this relate to our beloved CRM you may ask? Well, just like Sugar, he wants to make sure that he always has the latest innovation whether it be Sugar Cloud or the best possible whitening toothpaste technology. By buying smaller tubes, he’s betting on toothpaste brands releasing new innovations before he needs the next tube.

David Rowan, the Founding Editor in Chief of WIRED shared his advice for creating innovation in corporations:

  1. Reframe your value.
  2. Build an ecosystem.
  3. Be agile.
  4. Build room for failure.
  5. Import a culture.
  6. Empower your team.
  7. Find your blind spots.
  8. Leverage new technology.
  9. Enable collisions.
  10. Exploit a crisis.

Last but not least, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”, said Rich Green, SugarCRM’s Chief Product Officer and CTO, who re-entered the stage to provide insight into machine learning analysis and future updates coming to the Sugar product line.

Sugar Learning

We dove into the Sugar Learning area to get a behind the scenes glimpse at some of SugarCRM’s pre-release products and features for Sugar. Demo stations were set up for the following:

  • SugarCRM Hint Insights - a dashlet that aggregates company or individual news for Accounts. It also enables you to receive push notification and/or email alerts.
  • Project Dossier - a new relationship intelligence mobile app that uses AI to help you optimize your day while pulling information on your contacts using SugarCRM’s systems.
  • Customized Quotes - allowing administrators to add custom fields to the Quotes module.
  • UX Design - including a redesigned record view with multi-column layouts, a new compact view, tabular subpanels, and more.

Breakout Sessions We Loved

Spotlight Session: Military Auto Source

In this session, W-Systems’s customer, Military Auto Source, discussed how they use Sugar to create a multi-channel lead generation effort. Their team, John Cannon, Vice President of IT, and Tom Bohanan, Software Engineer, adopted Sugar in the hopes of generating more leads. What they ended up with was a tool that allowed them to create consistent user experiences across all customer-facing channels, leading to an improved customer experience.

A Deep Dive Into Sugar’s Roadmap

SugarCRM’s VP of Engineering, Jorge Arroyo presented the upcoming feature and enhancements coming to the CRM (Sugar), mobile (SugarCRM Mobile), relationship intelligence (Hint and Project Dossier) product lines, such as:

  • User Experience -  including a Record View redesign and Product Catalog “Quick Picks”
  • Platform - an Event Store and enhanced notifications
  • Enhancements to Sugar Cloud
  • Intelligence - Project Dossier, SugarCRM’s standalone relationship intelligence app, and new Hint features
  • Data Privacy Management enhancements

W-Systems Booth

For the last day of SugarCon, Marie Valencia wowed attendees by reading palms and tarot cards, telling fortunes, and applying temporary tattoos that display how proud we are to be a part of the CRM Nerd community.

Concluding Thoughts

We were very thankful for the opportunity to sponsor SugarCon this year and we can't wait to see you at SugarCon 2019.

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