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SugarCon 2017 Spotlight: UnCon Tracks

by Simona Croitoru on September 20, 2017

4 minute read

UnCon is the developer conference within the SugarCon and is an opportunity to learn new skills and code side by side with top developers, architects, and technical staff of SugarCRM.

The UnCon 2017 Sessions This Year are Divided up into Three Tracks:

  1. In-Depth Sessions
    Senior engineers and other technical staff will walk through new and upcoming features and other technical topics relevant to Sugar Developers
  2. Solution Architecture
    Discover technical best practices for successful Sugar solutions and integrations. Learn from senior architects inside and outside of SugarCRM.
  3. Tutorials by the Experts
    Roll up your sleeves with the Sugar Engineering team and work through exercises prepared and assisted by the team that built the product.

We will be Doing a More in-depth Review of the Following Sessions Including:

  • Solution Architect Panel
  • SugarCRM Mobile SDK Deep Dive
  • Performance Tuning for Scale
  • Single Sign On (SSO) Best Practices for Sugar
  • Using REST API to Integrate with CRM Data
  • Building Custom Apps Using Mobile SDK

Solution Architect Panel Presentation

In particular, the Solution Architect Panel Presentation at UnCon this year is not to be missed, which will cover a panel discussion with Sugar Solution Architects from across the ecosystem who will provide a better understanding of what it means to be a Solutions Architect and how to successfully approach architecting CRM integrations and implementations. 

This session will feature Ionut Tonita, Development Practice Manager at W-Systems who will talk about the unique challenges of being a SugarCRM Architect including:

  • How to deal with user experience (UX) - how we leverage Sidecar - an application framework built on top of BackboneJS and Bootstrap - to create deeply integrated customizations to achieve a smooth transition into Sugar
  • Technology and tools to use including:
    • Data Integration Tools: RabbitMQ and Talend
    • Development Environments Tools: Vagrant and Docker
    • Hosting Environments: AWS and Google Cloud
  • How and when to use the Sugar Extension Framework
  • Best practices for high-performance data loading and integration
  • Architecting for Sugar On-Demand vs Sugar On-Premise.

"I'm very excited to be part of this year's SugarCRM Architect Panel! Last year's was a huge success where everyone got to learn something from Sugar's experience managing solutions. This year we're going a bit more in-depth technically, and with a panel comprised of mostly partner experts, we will give a hands-on look on how we deliver successful Sugar implementations. If you do anything SugarCRM, make sure to check out UnCon and stay in the technical loop!’’

For more information on this year’s UnCon, take a look at the UnCon section in the Sugar Community.

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