SugarCon 2017 Recap: Day 2

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia & Paul Scondac on September 26, 2017

5 minute read

What better to get our superhero juices flowing than a perfectly executed drumline to kick off SugarCon 2017?

Welcome & General Sessions

This morning, SugarCon 2017 was kicked off by SugarCRM’s CEO, Larry Augustin, who took the stage and discussed the stellar success of Sugar in Customer Satisfaction (with a 64% percentage of satisfaction, according to, and announced a new product line that will go hand in hand with Relationship Intelligence: Relationship Management.

Next, on stage, the Customer Panel featured Jason Gerard - Executive Director at JP Morgan Chase & Co, Andrew Devlyn - Director of Innovation at Devlyn Holdings and Rached Chatti - Director of Strategic Operations at DuProprio. Each of them spoke about their organization’s success with Sugar, in their respective industries.

Up next, Clint Oram, CMO, Co-Founder and resident CGO (Chief Geek Officer) was joined on stage by Carlye Bartel, Global VP, Solutions Consulting at SugarCRM to show off a revamped UI for Sugar, a new alerts dashlet, and most importantly, the Visual Pipeline, streamlined view of records and their current status in your sales cycle.

Tim Draper, Founder of Draper Associates, FDJ and the Draper Venture Network, focused on how the advancements in AI will push people to perform better, and eventually, move forward in their careers.

Tim was then followed by Danny Barnett, Sales and Marketing System Leader at IBM, who announced that IBM will my switching to Sugar-on-Demand in 2018.

Last but not least, Rich Green, CPO at SugarCRM, discussed how technology is rapidly adapting to AI and Machine Learning, and revealed a new upcoming feature for SugarCRM Hint - insight generation, which will allow users to “work like you live”.

Track Sessions

You Want Better CRM User Adoption? Gamify Your System

Once a CRM project is completed, many fail or have poor adoption because no one uses them. Excuses run the gamut of, “The old way was faster,” to “I missed my quota because we couldn't use the CRM system properly.” In this session, Jason Green from Intelestream led us through an interactive section to improve user adoption including gamifying Sugar through their CRM Gamification Engine, Splash, that aims to help improve user adoption.

What do you think about gamifying CRM? What aspects of your business would you like to gamify? (Two of the most popular options in the session that came up was gamifying time sheets and new hire training.)

Upcoming Features and Enhancements in Quotes, Opportunities, and Related Modules

This session focused on the upcoming features and enhancements in Quotes, Opportunities, and RLIs, and additions for Sugar administrators to customize Sugar without having to code.

Fanatical Labs - Practical Customer Acquisition and Retention with Sugar, MailChimp, ZenDesk and Intercom

This session focused on how Fanatical Labs channels the combined powers of Intercom, MailChimp and Zendesk into Sugar to automate their customer lifecycle with add-ons which you can immediately start using.

Sugar Product Roadmap Overview

In this session, David Folk, VP of Product Management at SugarCRM discussed the future product roadmap. 

Topics covered included:

  • Core and Front End Platform
  • Drill Through On Charts
  • Extended Support
  • Marketo
  • New UX in Email
  • Opportunities and Quotes
  • Relationship Management and Intelligence (SugarCRM Hint)
  • Reporting & Improved Organization of Reports
  • Sugar Outlook Plugin
  • Sugar Stack Support
  • SugarCRM Mobile and SDK

All information disclosed at this session is subject to change without notice, but we are excited to see the vision that SugarCRM has for Sugar over the next year and beyond.


We’ve had a lot of people interested in our Sugar integrations Products, and there has been plenty of foot traffic at our booth. Speaking of foot traffic ... our Stars Wars Stormtrooper got some new kicks today after a visit to the Converse store on Market Street!

Tomorrow we will share with you the highlights from Day 3 which will include diving into the Sugar Lab as well as some keynotes and sessions. 

This post is part of our SugarCon 2017 blog series. Take a look at all the articles from SugarCon 2017 here.

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