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SugarCon 2016 Recap: App Throwdown

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on June 21, 2016

3 minute read

The App Throwdown is always the highlight of SugarCon. With over 40 submissions (including W-Systems’ wMaps) and almost 23,000 views, it was quite a feat for the judges to select the best in class winners.

The panel of judges this year were:

  • Rich Green – Chief Product Officer, SugarCRM
  • Naomi Ward – Client Services Director, CitySprint Ltd
  • Brent Leary – Partner, CRM Essentials

Best in Class Winners

Mobile and the Internet of Things – Collab – Facebook Bot Messenger

Collab’s new Facebook bot messenger for live customer engagement. In April 2016, Facebook announced a new messenger platform consisting of natural language, artificial intelligence-based bots. Collab has taken this Facebook API to new heights, integrating SugarCRM with its multimedia next-generation contact center. The live chat generates a lead that can be pursued via click-to-call within Sugar. The process can iterate in multiple touchpoints such as emails and Facebook posts.

Customer Engagement – Act-On Marketing Automation

Act-On’s integration with Sugar fosters interdepartmental collaboration by making it easy for marketing to deliver more qualified, sales-ready leads to the sales team. Act-On’s native, out-of-the-box integration allows businesses to attract, capture and nurture prospects, then convert leads directly into Sugar. Sales accesses Sugar to get real-time information, including prioritized leads and activity history.

User Productivity – Epicom – Slack Integration for Sugar

Epicom’s “Slack for Sugar” creates better experiences for customers and employees and keeps everyone on the same page. By combining Slack, one of the industry’s hottest collaboration tools, with Sugar, users can create Sugar Cases or Notes from within Slack. At the end of each day, all Slack conversations are automatically stored in Sugar. Settings can be adjusted, so each user and channel has different levels of access. And, the integration knows to associate each new case or conversation with the right Contact and Account records — so nothing ever slips through the cracks.

Customer Insight – TrustSphere – LinksWithin

TrustSphere’s relationship analytics for Sugar helps users identify hidden contacts, prospects, and partners. It uses real-time communication logs to make use of each employee’s social network and combines it to create a powerful collective network. The LinksWithin capability uses the organization’s combined social network to find the best path to a prospect company or individual. With one simple search on the LinksWithin dashlet in Sugar, LinksWithin shows the colleagues that have the strongest and most recent relationships to any particular individual or company.

Community Favorite – Accusoft – PrizmDoc for Sugar

Accusoft’s “PrizmDoc for Sugar” is a responsive HTML5 document viewer that integrates into the Sugar platform, allowing users to display dozens of document and image file types within a web browser — no downloading required. Dozens of file and image formats are supported. PrizmDoc for Sugar also lets users redact, search and sign Sugar attachments.

App Throwdown Winner: Collab

Voting to decide who was the winner of the App Throwdown was crowdsourced through the audience: Congratulations to Collab on their win!