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Sugar Winter ‘19: The Future of CRM

by Rich Green on February 21, 2019

3 minute read

When it comes to business success, understanding customers is key. SugarCRM is focused on helping customers develop better business relationships. To build those relationships and stay relevant in the eyes of their customers, businesses need to pay close attention to what their customers’ behavior is telling them.

The latest Sugar release gives customers access to higher quality information and improved collaboration facilities, ensuring businesses can base decisions on customer and employee insights.

So, what’s changed?


Hint Insights is an exciting new addition to Hint, SugarCRM's innovative intelligence product.

The right decisions are made when people have access to good quality information. Hint enables users to uncover deep customer insights, pushing relevant information to users via multiple channels. From breaking news to important signals such as personnel changes within key accounts, it ensures users are fully up-to-date on the latest developments within their business, in their industry and with their customers.

In Winter ‘19, users can also download any report type to a CSV file, adding further flexibility to how business insights are gathered, processed and digested.


By enabling users to drive automation through all aspects of customer operations, Winter ‘19 increases efficiency dramatically.

Through Advanced Workflow users now have the ability to automatically create and update multiple records. For example, when a call is made, Advanced Workflow can automatically inform all those involved with that account of the latest communication.

Plus, Advanced Workflow now equips users with a smarter business process designer, prompting them when errors occur and allowing a smoother construction of activities.

Users can also create notifications using the system, incorporating both new and old values, so progression or regression can be seen immediately within accounts – giving users the opportunity to react to changing scenarios.

It’s no secret that businesses rely on teamwork to make the dream work. Communication is key, especially when providing a relevant and successful customer experience.

That’s why SugarCRM added a new Comments Log into Winter ‘19, allowing users to keep track of each other’s progress and never be let down by a lack of communication.

The Comments Log feature is enabled by default in the bugs and case modules, and can be added to any module throughout Sugar Studio. It allows everyone involved in an account to share the relevant customer knowledge in chronological order, without getting lost in emails.

CPQ and Sales Efficiency

An important factor of each organization is the seller’s ability to focus on achieving optimal results – without being bogged down by a lengthy or complex sales process.

That’s why Sugar Winter '19 introduced a new dashlet, Product Catalogue Quick Picks, that conveniently presents users’ most frequent and recent products and gives sellers more time to craft an excellent, relevant and efficient customer experience that is deserving of a fantastic outcome.

This article was originally published on the SugarCRM Blog.